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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Public Indecency

7:26pm - The kids are watching their stories and Husband is futzing with the sprinkler system.

I honestly never dreamed that I would be the mother of two boys.  Growing up I was certain that I wanted children -- at least a few of them -- but always kind of envisioned myself with a few of each dressed in smart little sailor suits with the vocal talents of Shirley Temple and the Von Trapp Family Singers.  Never did I imagine that two little boys, both different as could be, would bless my life and turn it upside down.  I also did not imagine the shenanigans that these two crazy cats would rain down on our life.

After a long work meeting on Tuesday morning, I called my husband to see how his day had been so far. This is the story -- in his words:

Well, the highlight of my morning, and I wouldn't call it a highlight, was what happened when I got to daycare.  I pulled up to daycare and had to park on the street (Broadway) [to give a little background, our daycare is downtown].  I got Cameron out and told him to stand on the sidewalks with the bags while I got Henry out.  I went around and got Henry out and then came back around the car.  Cameron was standing on the sidewalk, with his toes on the edge of the curb, pants around his ankles peeing into the street.  

I was like, "Cam, what are you doing?"  He said, very matter-of-factly, "Dad, it is okay.  Mom said this is easier.  She does this with Henry."  [more background: I had let Henry pee outside in a parking lot when there was NO bathroom anywhere near by and he was potty training.  I also made him pee in front of the car so he was hidden.]

Husband then told me that Cam was not just doing a little sprinkle of a pee, he was fully letting a gallon of pee run into the gutter of Broadway, during rush hour, while nicely dressed men and women walked past on the sidewalk on their way to work.  Husband tried to shield Cam best as possible while he finished up business and pulled his pants up.  Cam continued to protest that "Mom said that peeing in the street is easier."  They then had a talk about the appropriate time to pee outside.  And it not being within 100 feet of daycare with the daycare security guard watching you.

Honestly, it would be easier sometimes if I could just let these little maniacs pee wherever they wanted, but sometimes we have to do hard things -- like teach our children not only how to use the bathroom, but also how to discern what constitutes a "peeing in a parking lot situation."  This is a hard concept  -- many times I have asked myself this question after a few too many glasses of wine.

So, there it is.  No Von Trapp style harmonies, no sailor suits, just public urination.  And, while we are not "proud" of it, it was the most amusing thing to happen that day.  My boys keep me on my toes, but also keep me dancing -- and I love dancing.


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  1. This isn't gender specific behavior. My daughter used to pee outside, so she wouldn't have to stop playing to come in. When Aunt Jeanne was babysitting one day and told this anonymous child (hint: the one who later went on to become an awesome, adventurous Girl Scout) that it wasn't nice to pee on the front sidewalk, the calm, unrepentant, matter-of-fact reply was: "Animals do it."

    Just go with the flow...pun not intended, just a nice coincidence.