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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh, how things change...

7:04pm - Kids are watching their final show of day (wind down time) and I am trying to keep my yawns in check.

Recently I have been thinking about behaviors that I have acquired since becoming a mom.  Honestly, I cannot even remember what it was like when it was just husband and I in the house.  Here are a few things that I now do that I am about 99.9% certain were not going on before having children.

1.  Eating covertly.  I hide what I am eating.  Just a few minutes ago I stood inside the pantry to eat a handful of chips.  Why?  Because I want to eat my own damn snack without four little hands trying to take it from me or asking me to do one.more.thing.for.them.  Seriously, have you ever just wanted to enjoy your own _______ without having to share with someone?  It is bad enough when they beg me for a sip of my coffee, so I am definitely not sharing my treats.  I have learned to hide in the laundry room to wolf something down, distract them with television so that I could enjoy my own bowl of cereal in the morning and hide food in my home office.  Survival skills.

2.  Showering only at night.  I don't remember the last time I took a shower in the morning.  Seriously.  It was definitely pre-children.  With my little alarm clocks waking me up at first light I have no time (or capacity) to deal with a shower in the morning.  This also goes back to not wanting to share.  If I am going to take a shower, I want to do it alone and without children dropping shampoo bottles on my toes, or crying for milk and banging on the shower door, or climbing dangerously on the bathroom counter and defiling my toothbrush as I helplessly try to rinse out my hair and shave my legs.

3.  Wearing only machine washable clothing.  This pretty much tracks with the yoga pants phenomenon once you have a baby.  You know things have taken a nose dive towards extremely casual when you consider whether or not to wear your "good" yoga pants rather than the faded and stretched out ones.  I save my "good" yoga pants for company.  I still own some dry-clean only clothing, I just don't wear it anywhere near my children, which means I save it for vacations, business meetings and the occasional date night.

I know that there are more quirks that I have picked up since birthing these two maniacs, but I am too tired to remember them all.  What about you all?  What habits, mannerisms or behaviors have you acquired since welcoming your bundles of joy?


  1. You are such a good mother. Haha,you have described the struggles of being a mother so perfectly.Being a mother is not an easy job.

  2. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it about mother day ,thanks for it