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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arts Appreciation: My One Woman Show

One Woman Show– performed 2-3 times a week, around 12pm, seating limited.

I don’t advertise it, but I have a semi-successful yet currently un-reviewed one woman show.  So far the show has a small attendance – only two audience members, but that number could grow in the next few years.  The show is constantly evolving and incorporates audience participation, song, upper body dance movements, and character voices.  It can get pretty crazy. 

The performance is formally titled “I Will Do Everything In My Power to Keep My Children Awake Until We Get Home” with the subtitle of “If you fall asleep before your stated naptime, you inevitably won’t nap and Mommy will lose her Sh*t.”  The unusual set and stage orientation puts the audience members behind the performer, with the actress facing away from the audience, but looking at them obsessively in a mirror and constantly craning her neck to engage them in conversation or punctuate the ending of a joke or particularly loud power ballad (or nursery rhyme). 

The audience will be peppered with questions regarding their morning activities, the color of their hair and eyes, what sounds particular animals make and may also be engaged in a call and response activity (to be determined by the actress).  It should be noted that audience members may also be touched, tickled, and/or have soft items thrown at them if he or she is nodding off.  Songs will be sung and the actress will perform familiar characters (including, but not limited to: Elmo; Phineas; Mickey Mouse; Dora and Diego (in atrocious accents), and various other original characters (which are a real treat!).

While each performance is nuanced, layered and extremely entertaining (if I do say so myself), audience members have been known to nod off, cry, refuse to participate and protest the tickling (referring to lovingly and originally as "ordering a tickle taco").  Never to be deterred, the actress lives by the credo – The Show Must Go On!  She does not give up and even with only one audience member still semi-conscious will keep performing – fully abiding by the “third wall” (except for doling out tickle tacos).  Character is only broken when both audience members are asleep and the actress commences to weeping and resorts to turning the radio volume to the proverbial “11” and steps on the gas. 

Show is set to run for at least another couple of years -- final show TBD.

*Food and drink are allowed in the theatre, so long as the cups have spill-proof lids and the audience understands that if said cups or snacks roll under the actresses’ seat or fall between the seat and the door, they are out of luck.