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Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's be honest, the Pinterest dollar store does not exist.

Last week I was having a moment and I wrote a blog post about how I was in no mood for Valentine's Day creative craftiness and was just over it.  I didn't post it b/c it was well, boring and kind of a downer.  The one thing I still want to say from my draft missive re: V-day is:

Where the eff is the dollar store that all of the people on Pinterest go to?

Really now, there must be some magical dollar store where one can pick up all of the items they need to elegantly furnish and decorate an entire studio apartment so that it looks like a page from Anthropology's catalog for ONLY $10 dollars and a glue gun.  WTF?  My dollar store has none of the crafty little, yet ordinary items that one would need to do the sophisticrafts on Pinterest, so I must be missing something...

Okay, so now that I have gotten that off my chest.  Happy Valentine's week.  I don't really know what to say about Valentine's Day since my husband and I inevitably let is pass uneventfully (save for a card and maybe a small gift) each year.  We don't typically go out to dinner because: 1) it is too crowded and overpriced; 2) we would need a babysitter; and 3) it is usually on a week night.  However, we do plan on celebrating in our own way and decided to go away the weekend following V-day because: 1) our children have been consistently getting up by 6am for months now and we are beat, and 2) my mother so graciously said she would babysit.  We need it and I plan on enjoying it.

One thing I am doing differently this year for the big day is sending Cam to daycare with a bag of Valentines for his classmates.  We worked on them this morning -- and by "we" I mean I assembled them and he ate a sucker.  I thought this would be a nice little activity to burn 20 minutes (1/2 hour if I was lucky) and I was finished in 7 minutes and he was jonesing for a second sucker (which he did not get).  Valentine's day is different in other ways this year too, such as I have watched the Valentine's day episodes of Handy Manny, Dora the Explorer, Max & Ruby and Doc McStuffins.  My favorite?  Doc McStuffins of course.  Got a love a strong, science minded girl character! 

Pop culture trivia -- do you know what actor does the voice of Handy Manny?  Fez.  (I just realized I don't know Fez's last name from That 70's Show -- does anyone?)  Yes, Wilmer Valderrama does the voice of Disney Jr.'s Handy Manny.  I kind of wish that it was Mario Lopez, then my life would have been full circle from watching Saved by the Bell on Saturday mornings growing up to watching Handy Manny on demand at 6:30am every morning.  Ahhh...

Happy Monday!

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