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Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Things for Friday

Happy Friday!  It has been a busy week here and I because I am having trouble organizing my thoughts into one blog post, I have some random Friday musings to share instead:

1.  On Wednesday night a special called Stars In Danger: The High Dive debuted on Fox.  First, there were no "stars" and "no danger."  The entire show's premise is that pseudo celebs or solid D-listers compete in a diving competition while being coached by Olympians.  Or at least I think that is what it is about.  I seriously couldn't watch it for more than 10 minutes before deciding that I was utterly confused by the whole mess and that I only recognized one person -- Bethany Hamilton -- the girl who got her arm bit off by a shark years ago.  If this is an on-going series or just a winter filler, it is NOT worth the time...

2.  Ahhh, Parenthood, you never cease to amuse me...  So, on this week's episode Max goes through puberty (the writing of which was hilarious), Drew gets Amy pregs and then she has what rhymes with schmasmortion, and Sarah finds herself wondering again about Mr. Cyr (aka Jason Ritter) -- oh, and Julia's adoption finally starts blowing up in her face.  For those of you haven't been watching, the show handles multiple hefty story lines with numerous characters and sometimes it is ridiculous and sometimes it is good.  What I want to talk about today is how Jason Ritter should send his agent, who is obviously the hardest working guy in Hollywood, some flowers.  I thought for sure that Jason was truly kicked off of another show, but NO, he reappeared this week and is teased to be around at least until the end of the season.  I like Jason Ritter, I just think he has bad luck and doesn't get a lasting character role very often.  When he showed back up on Tuesday's episode, I really expected Ray Romano to break character and say "hey, you're back, what are you, friends with the writers or something?"  Although I am happy for Jason Ritter's forthcoming paycheck, I am SICK of Sarah's wishy washy, "do I love this guy or this guy?" storyline.  Enough already!  Oh, and can Julia, Joel, Sydney and Victor PLEASE GO TO FAMILY COUNSELING?

3. Apps I am loving.  I never thought I would be that girl -- the one obsessed with her smartphone -- but I am.  I love love love my iphone and it makes my life so much easier.  I don't have a ton of apps, but there are three that I have been loving:  Allrecipes.com DinnerSpinner; Artkive and Robot Lab.

Allrecipes.com DinnerSpinner allows you to quickly find a recipe using an ingredient you have at home (like chicken), put in the type of dish you want to make and how long you want to spend making it.  I have come up with some awesome pork chop recipes this way...plus it is free.  I use it on days when I have no idea what to make and only a little time to decide.

Artkive is an app that allows you to catalog all of your children's artwork by taking photos and tagging them with the kid, date and notes/title on the art.  Then, when you have collected them for a grade or period of time, you can export the photos and make a photo book with it.  I hate hate hate having tons of drawings lying around (and really, at my kid's age most are just random lines on a paper) so this helped me recycle without the guilt.  Also free.

Robot Lab is an app by Toca Boca and basically allows your child (or you if you are so inclined) to build a robot and then fly it around.  This has kept Cameron busy while waiting in the doctor's office or driving in the car.  He loves it!  I don't know if this one cost or not b/c my husband downloaded it.

4.  On New Year's Day my husband and I went and saw This is 40.  We loved it.  We laughed, I cried and I highly recommend it -- especially for those of you with children.  There are so many relatable scenes that you will crack up.  I hope that I can look as good as Leslie Mann when I am 40...holy moly.  Plus, I just love Paul Rudd.  It made me miss living in LA...

5.  I watched the premiere of Vanderpump Rules and will not be returning for the second episode.  It is stupid and indulgent and I hate all of the women in it -- except Lisa Vanderpump.  You are all servers and/or bartenders at a restaurant for goodness sakes...even if it is a cool place, WHO CARES?  Not sure if this one will last, but I may be surprised.

That's it for now. Have an awesome weekend!

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