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Monday, November 26, 2012

Back Again...

My goodness, has it really been almost a month since I posted?  Wow.  Well, I have been thinking a lot about what to post and truly there has been a drought of pop culture / television stuff to talk about.  My friends and I were at a loss as to what to watch.  Some even ventured into uncharted territory and started watching shows like Jungle Gold with their husbands...I'm not naming names.  But now, there are a few things starting back up to give me a little fuel for this fire -- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Sister Wives.  I am still watching Parenthood and it has basically devolved into my husband and I making fun of each story line and coming up with really bad and politically incorrect jokes.  At least we make each other laugh.

So, I am watching the Bev Hills housewives again and realize that each episode is exactly the same...one of the housewives throws a party and doesn't invite one of the other girls and then at the party someone else does /says something offensive to start a whole new line of drama.  Yet, I still soak it all up.  However, a Maserati?  Really Kyle?

Kody and his cache of wives are back for what I believe is a 3rd (?) season of Sister Wives and things are starting to get a little more interesting.  We find out that Robyn has bad credit and some debt-- which she took on as part of her divorce in order to keep the peace with her ex.  Great decision.  This factors in all too anti-climatically when the 4 wives have to apply for home loans.  The deal is that if one of them is not approved for financing, then the other 3 will also not go through with it.  The suspense of whether Robyn will be approved is dragged out until the bitter end when magically, she is approved!  Could it be the fact that she is bringing in income through the show?  Perhaps.  So, now the family is going to continue moving forward with building 4 McMansions on a culdesac outside Vegas. I have also figured out that a main plot teaser for this show is the idea that one of the wives (either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th) could walk at any time and the producers are always dangling that one out there for the viewers.  Of course, we know that none of them will ever walk -- not only because they have a show and for the children's sake, but also because of something that is not shown very much...their religion and religious beliefs.  If they truly believed in this lifestyle enough to make it for almost 20 years, those ladies aren't going anywhere.  

And, okay I was one of those ladies who decided to check out shows like Moonshiners and Bering Sea Gold and Jungle Gold.  These are the shows my husband litters the DVR with, so I thought I may give them a chance while there was literally NOTHING.ELSE.TO.WATCH (and no, I didn't want to watch yet another episode of Love it or List it).  Through my pop culture research, I discovered a few things...

1.  The Discovery Channel loves itself a show where idiots do something completely risky, impractical and nonsensical to make something like $8,000.

2.  Men love these shows.

3.  Those who watch these shows generally feel somewhat superior to those who regularly watch E! or Bravo, although I did point out that at least on E! or Bravo the people aren't participating in life threatening activities to make a few thousand dollars  -- the people on those shows have actually figured out how to make millions without risking life or limb and not breaking much of a sweat (except in the obligatory s%x tape which is leaked between seasons).

4. The shows are kind of (and I truly mean kind of) interesting.  Especially Jungle Gold.  This show is basically two beefy down on their luck American Realtors who are in a mess of debt and decide to leave their families and go to Ghana to mine for "jungle gold," albeit with NO real experience mining.  This premise alone may suck you in.  I have only seen one episode and it was pretty ridiculous, which drove home the point that the Discovery Channel is the Bravo for men.

Okay, so I am off to quiet down Cam who has been standing at his gated doorway whining for the last 1/2 hour and try to get him to actually NAP!  SILENT SCREAM!!!!!

Next blog topic - things I do that are really white.

1 comment:

  1. Let me start off by saying that this post was worth the wait. You hit on a TV topic I do have my own theory on...

    Usually within five minutes of surrendering full control of the TV to my husband to head to bed, I hear the narrator's voice for those Discovery Channel shows...and I roll my eyes.

    I don't get the draw - whether it's Ice Road Truckers or that Alaska Gold Mining show, the events of those kind of shows can be easily summed up as:
    1. something's broken, and it is not going to be fixed (properly) anytime soon
    2. someone is really mad, and I mean really mad (like, bleeps heard less than every 2 seconds mad) at someone else
    3. no one's making any money (see #1 or #2 above as to possible reason why)

    I don't get it. Clearly I am not the target market.

    Don't hold out on that next blog, k? Espesh with such a promising topic...