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Friday, October 26, 2012

Making My List.

Everyday when I open up my mailbox I am amazed at how many trees were killed to bring me the catalogues I NEVER ASKED FOR.  I understand the marketing strategy of sending a catalogue to everyone who ever bought anything from a catalogue or website, or somehow got his or her name on some kind of mailing list, but the strategy is wasted on me.  Basically I buy everything on either: Amazon.com, websites or in the actual store.  It is rare that I see something SO special in a catalogue that I have to buy it, so please stop sending me wasted paper that goes into the recycling bin straight out of the mailbox.

With that being said, yesterday I got a catalogue in the mail that made it past the recycling bin based solely on its name -- Magic Cabin.  Has anyone else seen this one?  It looks kitschy with a photo of elfin dolls on the front, but seriously, Magic Cabin just sounded magical to me.  Turns out, it is pretty damn magical.  Magic Cabin carries just about everything a child would need to pretend that he or she lives in a land full of fairies, elves, forest people and woodland creatures.  It.Is.Awesome.  Even my husband appreciated how cool it is.

For example, here are some product titles straight out of Magic Cabin:

  • Classic Cloaks -- just what they appear to be...in "Floral Pink, Little Red Riding Hood, Celestial Blue, or Teal Leaves."  I'm asking Santa for one in Teal Leaves.
  • HugglePod --  a hanging cocoon for kids.  It holds up to 175 lbs. so I should be good.  See below. 
  • Play Silks - let your imagination run wild.
  • Kirin the Unicorn - yes, please!
  • Bilibo - literally the description says "It's whatever a child wants it to be!"
  • Ladybug Thumb Piano - for making fairy music, of course.

I reviewed this catalogue more carefully than I have reviewed legal documents and I was entranced.  Where was this mystical vendor when I was a child?  If I had seen this catalog when I was a kid, I would have gone ape and probably circled every single thing it as a "need."  Call me a nerd, but I was pretty upset that the Harry Potter series didn't come out when I was a kid.  It would have seriously changed my childhood and probably would have made for more than a few Hermione Halloween get-ups.  I mean, I already had the hair.

Check out Magic Cabin, even if you don't have kids. magiccabin.com  You won't regret it.  I'm trying to figure out just what Henry and Cam need...


  1. My co-worker says thanks for the website. She has already found tons of things she wants to buy for her son!