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Monday, October 29, 2012

It isn't supposed to be EASY

If raising kids were easy, then every moron would turn out the next Nobel Peace Prize winner.  People always tell you that having children "changes everything," and it is the "hardest job" you will ever do.  When you are pregnant you choose to ignore this and believe that, oh no, not my child.  My child will be perfect and say please and thank you every.single.time and probably potty train himself and sleep through the night at 6 weeks old.  I can't say that I thought all of that, but I certainly thought -- look, I'm a moderately intelligent, strong, self-aware person, I can certainly raise a successful member of society and hey, I can probably do it without all of the tips, tricks and trappings that my parents had to use.  Hmmmm...who feels like the moron now?

We moved Cameron to his racecar bed last Monday and the first few days were smooth sailing.  Then we got to the weekend and Cam threw a humongo fit on Saturday and would not nap in his bed.  Bedtime wasn't a huge deal, but he did get out of his bed in the middle of the night and show up in our room (turns out he had an ear infection) completely ignoring his stoplight alarm clock, which was clearly still RED -- which means "STAY IN BED!!!"  Anywho, the night time thing didn't bother me as much as the refusal to nap in his bed, which he did again on Sunday.  This time we employed the gate at his bedroom door and he literally shrieked and howled for about 1 hour until he finally passed out sprawled at the end of his bed and slept for 2 hours like that.  Clearly he still needs the nap.

Right now I am listening to him yell for me, then cry and then plead for me to let him out of his room (yep, that gate still works) and I am trying desperately to ignore him.  Don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY fine letting him work this out on his own and learn that he is not leaving his room during naps, so it is either sleep or read books, but what I am NOT okay with is him waking Henry up in the process.  Poor H didn't get a good nap yesterday or the day before because of his crazy banshee of a brother.  The white noise can only drown out so much and Cameron is VERY loud.  For instance, right now he is screaming and playing a tambourine that he found in his room (note to self: clean out his room of anything FUN or noise making).

So, here I am, wondering how long this stand-off is going to have to go on for...3 days, a week, two weeks?  Anyone go through something similar?  The gate keeps him corralled, but he is still loud as anything.  Oy.

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