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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sum sum summertime

I drink a lot more in the summer.  There, I said it.  In fact, I am writing this with a marg in hand.  It's true, I love having a cocktail / glass of wine on a summer evening and was a wee bit disappointed when I couldn't drink last summer because I was pregs.  This girl loves a chilled bevie al fresco.  Generally, I'm not a huge drinker -- my husband and I rarely drink on the weekdays at all, but this summer I have stocked the fridge with SkinnyGirl and Pinot Grigio and have not been holding back.  It doesn't hurt that I am currently sans employment and don't have to rush out the door in the morning anymore.  Which brings me to my other drink of choice -- a sugar-free vanilla latte made with skim milk (aka the skinny vanilla latte).  My in-laws so generously gave us an espresso machine and my husband gave me a tutorial on making lattes and now I make one.every.single.morning.  It is saving me the $3.25 Starbucks would charge and I get to enjoy it in the quiet (yeah, right) of my own home...and reheat it in the microwave about a billion times before I finally finish it.  Really, the fact that I can have a margarita in the evening (with only about 100 calories!) and a  skinny vanilla latte each morning puts me in a fantastic mood.  So, my drinks, the fact it is summer, the pool is open and some job/work leads coming through, I am in a pretty good place.  Simple joy.

In other news, I have been catching up on Sister Wives and a teensy little bit of Teen Mom (the final season, gasp).  Loving my Sister Wives, but not liking how long they are dragging out the question of whether Robyn will serve as Meri's surrogate.  These ladies are all under 40 (I'm actually not sure about Janelle), and if Meri wants another baby, just go for it!  We shall see what happens.

As for Teen Mom, let's start with little Miss Portwood.  What the french, toast?  How can this gal be any more of a train wreck?  She is at a rehab center in what looks to be Malibu and she has some strange jewelry/piercings going on about her face and she can barely get herself out of the dumps.  Seriously lady, this is a chance of a lifetime -- to heal up in Malibu, have the opportunity to talk about yourself even more than you already do (I mean, there was a reality show following you for a few years, so it was pretty much all.about.you.) and get paid for it!  As we now know, she can't even pull it off and has recently been sentenced to 5 years in prison for breaking probation.  Okay Amber.  Whatever.

My favorite cast members on this particular installment of this ridiculous series have always been Catelynn and Tyler.  Well, imagine my dismay and horror when I saw the cover of In Touch at the grocery store this weekend and it screamed out that Catelynn was pregnant again.
Speechless, I held it up for my husband.  He just shook his head.  That is all America can do.  I guess better her than Snooks though.  I'm just sayin'.

I did just read on-line that Catelynn has spoken out and said that she is NOT in fact pregnant...who to believe??? We'll give it a few months.

That's all for now.  Enjoy your Monday!

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