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Friday, June 1, 2012

Shake it up!

Here we are and it is June.  My little world has changed a ton since I last posted at the end of April...for starters -- we MOVED!  What a process.  If I don't move again for 10 or 15 years, I will be happy.  I love love love our new house and I am trying not to let the unpacking mess get to me.  The kids have adjusted well and I am easing into our new suburban life.  Cameron turned two and is a MANIAC (amazingly sweet and funny, but a wild man) and Henry is just a little sumo wrestler.  See pic:

Change 2: My kids switched daycare centers and I am so very happy with the new one versus the old one.  Let's just say at the old one I began to feel like Cam was being jumped into a gang on a daily basis with all of the injuries he was having.  In the first few weeks at our new center he has already blossomed and comes home much happier and without any battle scars.  Our new center gives more detailed reports and one of my favorites is: "Cameron participated A LOT in circle time today."  Is this code for: "We could not get him to shut up"?  Probably, but at least I get good reports on his behavior and he seems to love it there -- plus the food is fancy.  For lunch the other day he had Chicken Alfredo with penne pasta.  Yeah, he's two and it is rough.

Change 3: My position at work got eliminated...yesterday.  I kind of saw it coming, but was hoping that it wasn't true.  I'll rebound, but it still sucks.  I'm going through the stages of grief...you know, yesterday I was shocked and in a little denial, today I am ANGRY.  I think this stage will last the longest and I don't see myself getting to the bargaining stage, because what is there to bargain about?  I do want my iPhone back...which actually may be the most annoying part of this entire thing.  I just hate having ANOTHER change to deal with right now.  Oh well -- at least it is summer and not winter.  Trying to keep my chin up and my mantra of "If God will lead you to it, God will lead you through it."  If you see me on FB and Pinterest a lot more now, you will know why...oh, and keep me in mind if there is a job out there for a compliance/risk manager/corporate attorney.  I will be having margaritas tonight...

That is enough about me --no more pity party.  What about Beyonce?  Just kidding...there is nothing new with that chick except that now she and Kim Kardashian can hang out on the regular since Kim is with Kanye and Kanye is up Jay-Z's you know what.  I would like to attend a couples dinner party with that crew.  Courvoisier all around!

What am I watching?  Well, probably a lot more now that I am unemployed.  Unfortunately most of my shows have ended for the season.  Did anyone else think that the Modern Family season finale was kind of LAME?  Really, Gloria is pregs?  Really?  I'm not sure I like that story line.  I also did not like the mock Mexican soap opera that they did for Mitchell and Cam trying to adopt a baby boy.  WTF?  Tighten it up Writers.

I still have a few Bethenny Ever Afters to catch up on and I need to get back to Game of Thrones.   Thank goodness for DVR and HBO On Demand.  Really, with all that has been going on in my world, I have been completely out of the loop and more focused on drawer organizers than on E! ...I know, what is the world coming to?  Don't worry, something will bring me back...a new celebrity baby or divorce.

As we ramp up to summer, I wish everyone a safe and exciting one.  It is my favorite season.  Later gators!

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