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Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 2 of officially being unemployed (the weekend does not count).  Lesson 1: Mondays are not good days for job postings.  I figure most people don't have their you know what together on Monday and don't get around to posting anything until later in the week.  So, nothing new on the horizon yet.  Also, I got my first rejection from a job that I applied for in desperation on Thursday afternoon -- a position at a casino.  Yes, I know -- WTF?  For those of you who know me personally, you probably would not in your wildest dreams picture me at a casino (especially one in the Midwest), much less working at one.  But, then again, for those who know me personally, you also are probably aware that I am pretty much up for anything.  That being said, it was a risk manager position, I thought it would be fun and I imagined Ellen Barkin's character in Ocean's 13 (?)...you know, wearing tailored dresses and Louboutins.  Only problem is that I am completely over-qualified for the position, it is in small town Indiana and there is no way in hell that I can afford Louboutins now...plus, although George Clooney is from Cincinnati, I seriously doubt that he, Mr. Pitt and Mr. Damon will be frequenting any pop-up Midwest casinos.  Drat.

In my last post, I forgot to mention how obsessed and delighted I am in with the new HBO series, Girls.  I just finished watching the episode in which Hannah visits her parents in Michigan.  My husband and I were laughing out loud at some of the moments.  The writing is spot-on and relatable, not to mention hilarious.  The dialogue is amazing and I love Hannah's character...back in the day I felt like Hannah.  I didn't do all of the messed up crazy sh&t that she does, but I too fancied myself a writer, went to a small Midwestern liberal arts college, was somewhat serious (read neurotic), had experiences just to have them, and had at least 1 confirmed gay ex-boyfriend (although I found that out much later).  I wanted to live in NYC upon graduation, but decided to forgo the stress of never.having.any.money and went to law school in LA, where although I never.had.any.money, I knew that there was the promise of it a few years down the road.  And now I am almost 32, married with two kids, unemployed and writing again.  Ahhh, life's little twists and turns.

Today I had one of those days when time feels like it is standing still.  I couldn't quite pick myself up out of the funk and I literally couldn't get out of the house with the kids because my husband accidentally took the baby car seat to work with him.  I'm one of those people who likes to be out and about, running errands, taking the kids places, driving through Dunkin' Donuts...and today, I had to be creative with my time at home with two little guys.  All in all it wasn't a bad day -- Henry took three naps (as he should), Cam colored, directed me in playing trains with him, read books and hung out with Dora and Caillou when Mommy needed a few minutes peace to check email, do the dishes or cook dinner.  

Has anyone else noticed that SO much of children's television programming is filmed or produced by our neighbors to the north?  Canada has the children's programming market cornered, which has me wondering if Dino Dan is a celebrity up there...and what kind of name is Caillou?  French Canadian?  Tons of HGTV is also filmed up there and you can always tell it is Canadian when they use terms like "washroom" or "en suite" or "open concept."   

Here is the recipe for the chicken dish I made tonight which is my go-to dish because it is super easy and extremely delicious.  

Parmesan Chicken
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
Caesar dressing
1 sleeve Ritz crackers
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
some basil or tarragon...or whatever kind of spices you like

Marinate the chicken breasts in Caesar dressing overnight or all day.  I typically forget to thaw the chicken until the morning, so I do the all day option and I bet it doesn't taste any different.  Crush the sleeve of crackers.  I do this in a baggie and let Cam pound the hell out of them.  Mix the cracker crumbs with the Parmesan cheese and spices.  Dredge the chicken in the mixture and bake in oven uncovered for 30-45 minutes (test chicken center).  I spray the baking dish with cooking spray to make sure it doesn't stick.  Voila!  It always comes out tasty.  

Time for bed.  Henry has been getting up twice each night this week because he is rejecting the bottle throughout the day and knows that I am too lazy to make him a bottle at night and will revert to nursing when needed.  He is a gamer and he better shape up or else he will feel what sleep training is like pretty soon.  How can you say no to a face like this?


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