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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures in Parenting - Dinner edition

Tonight my son got a spaghetti noodle stuck up his nose.  To be specific, it was a linguine noodle because I had run out of regular spaghetti noodles.  Anyway, the night started out rather innocently...Cameron was eating his favorite meal of spaghetti (or if you want to split hairs, linguine) with meat sauce, sitting at his Little Tikes picnic table on our new deck.  He seemed to be enjoying the meal and kept getting up from the picnic table to bring handfuls of spaghetti over to his father to share, which his father naturally appreciated.  Then, it happened -- he sneezed with a mouthful of noodles and apparently one went directly from his mouth into his sinus cavity.  We didn't realize it at the time, as we were too busy trying to prevent him from finger painting our clothing, chairs and sliding glass door with marinara.  I first thought it was cute that Cam requested to eat outside at his picnic table and honestly, any other meal would have worked, but allowing a 2 year old to eat spaghetti without the restraint of a booster seat or highchair is NOT something I recommend.  There will be a dry cleaning bill to prove my point.  Also, I had to throw buckets of water onto the deck to wash away his mess.  Lesson learned.  Okay, now back to the nose noodle.

As Cam is climbing up on my husband's chair, face looking like it has been war-painted with marinara, I notice that something is hanging out of his nose.  The child is a complete booger factory, so this is not surprising and he does get passionate about eating, so I just thought it was a gross mucus trail -- at first.  Then I realized that it was the exact shape and color of a linguine noodle.  Horrified, I immediately died laughing.  I could barely get the words out to my husband, "he has a noodle hanging from his nose," to which my husband also died laughing.  Then, feeling bad, we both tried to get Cam to stand still for a second so we could get it out.  Not wanting to be touched, but not acting unlike his normal self, he scampered away and sniffed the starch right back up out of sight.  He continued with his meal, taking handfuls of noodles, stuffing them in his mouth and then running around the deck in his diaper and shirt (the bib was long gone), but we could tell he was uncomfortable having the pasta in his nose.  If you have ever had something stuck in your nose (which unfortunately, I have), you know that I am talking about.

Over the course of about 10 minutes the noodle continued to peek out of his nostril and he would continue to suck it back up -- unintentionally, I'm sure.  He would rub his face and nose and look at us confused.  He really did not know what the sensation was and how he could fix it.  I have to hand it to him, he did not cry or freak out, he just seemed a little uncomfortable.  So, at the point when Cam climbed up on my husband, pointed to my husband's undershirt which he had covered in spaghetti sauce and said, "Daddy made a mess," we decided to end the dinner and hopefully take care of the noodle situation.

As we were cleaning up, I saw my opportunity.  The noodle had made another appearance and this time I was not going to let it go.  I made a grab for it, held Cam's head still and pulled it out.  It kept coming and coming.  There was at least a few inches of noodle in there...which baffled me because I HAD cut Cam's spaghetti up into little pieces.  Regardless, I got it out and Cam immediately seemed relieved and proceeded to sneeze.  Success.  

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  1. I'm trying so hard not to LOL right now!! I just finished nursing Ethan and he fell asleep in my arms while reading about your little adventure. Too funny!