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Friday, June 29, 2012

Are we surprised?

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are calling it quits after 5 years of marriage.  She filed for divorce in New York and he was apparently "blind sided."  Uh, hmmm, yeah, okay... Their union always seemed random to me and was baffling not only because of their age, but also because of his highly probable still-closeted-to-the-public love of men folk.  Let's be honest with ourselves people, this was a sham from the beginning (even if Katie wasn't necessarily in on it at that time).  Take it from me who has had at least one or two boyfriends who later came out, this break-up was always in the cards.  I feel for Suri as the child left in this situation, but I think Katie will bounce back and all will work out in the end -- for everyone.  Tom can move on and find another clueless bride in the next few years and continue to try to make the same movie over and over again.  I think I am just a little tired of him, although I will always love some of his earlier films.  He turns 50 next week, which makes me feel old too.

There are plenty of fish in the creek, Katie.  Benefit for her, if she has another child, it doesn't have to be by a scientology approved "silent" birth...

If I get any more reports, I will update asap, but for now -- Happy Friday!!!!  Enjoy the weekend and we can all sleep more soundly knowing that the mystery of that marriage has ended.  Peace.

For pics of Tom and Kate through the years visit:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sum sum summertime

I drink a lot more in the summer.  There, I said it.  In fact, I am writing this with a marg in hand.  It's true, I love having a cocktail / glass of wine on a summer evening and was a wee bit disappointed when I couldn't drink last summer because I was pregs.  This girl loves a chilled bevie al fresco.  Generally, I'm not a huge drinker -- my husband and I rarely drink on the weekdays at all, but this summer I have stocked the fridge with SkinnyGirl and Pinot Grigio and have not been holding back.  It doesn't hurt that I am currently sans employment and don't have to rush out the door in the morning anymore.  Which brings me to my other drink of choice -- a sugar-free vanilla latte made with skim milk (aka the skinny vanilla latte).  My in-laws so generously gave us an espresso machine and my husband gave me a tutorial on making lattes and now I make one.every.single.morning.  It is saving me the $3.25 Starbucks would charge and I get to enjoy it in the quiet (yeah, right) of my own home...and reheat it in the microwave about a billion times before I finally finish it.  Really, the fact that I can have a margarita in the evening (with only about 100 calories!) and a  skinny vanilla latte each morning puts me in a fantastic mood.  So, my drinks, the fact it is summer, the pool is open and some job/work leads coming through, I am in a pretty good place.  Simple joy.

In other news, I have been catching up on Sister Wives and a teensy little bit of Teen Mom (the final season, gasp).  Loving my Sister Wives, but not liking how long they are dragging out the question of whether Robyn will serve as Meri's surrogate.  These ladies are all under 40 (I'm actually not sure about Janelle), and if Meri wants another baby, just go for it!  We shall see what happens.

As for Teen Mom, let's start with little Miss Portwood.  What the french, toast?  How can this gal be any more of a train wreck?  She is at a rehab center in what looks to be Malibu and she has some strange jewelry/piercings going on about her face and she can barely get herself out of the dumps.  Seriously lady, this is a chance of a lifetime -- to heal up in Malibu, have the opportunity to talk about yourself even more than you already do (I mean, there was a reality show following you for a few years, so it was pretty much all.about.you.) and get paid for it!  As we now know, she can't even pull it off and has recently been sentenced to 5 years in prison for breaking probation.  Okay Amber.  Whatever.

My favorite cast members on this particular installment of this ridiculous series have always been Catelynn and Tyler.  Well, imagine my dismay and horror when I saw the cover of In Touch at the grocery store this weekend and it screamed out that Catelynn was pregnant again.
Speechless, I held it up for my husband.  He just shook his head.  That is all America can do.  I guess better her than Snooks though.  I'm just sayin'.

I did just read on-line that Catelynn has spoken out and said that she is NOT in fact pregnant...who to believe??? We'll give it a few months.

That's all for now.  Enjoy your Monday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Stuff

Random musings for a Friday afternoon:

1.  I caught myself mindlessly watching Tia and Tamera (who seriously fight all the time and it is exhausting) and Empire Girls (don't ask) while folding laundry and then I had to literally wikipedia the ladies on Empire Girls to figure out why they had a show.

2.  The men in my life are very difficult to shop for.  Case in point -- Father's Day.  What in the world am I supposed to get them?  My husband says not to get him anything, but I know that there would be a look of disappointment on Sunday if I didn't come out with something.  So, I did do something, but feel that it is lame and then I also forced him to purchase Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter on the iPad.  He probably wouldn't have done it himself and goodness knows when he will have time to read it, but still, I felt better knowing that he now had something fun that he didn't have before.

3.  I have a slight addiction to Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal.  I've had it since I was a child, but I didn't buy it for years and now I am back on it and thoroughly enjoying it. Every.Single.Day.  I'm not even going to look at the nutritional information.

4.  Last night after dinner we took a walk and Cameron rode in his "dragon" (what he calls his wagon) for 1/2 of the ride and then insisted on pulling the wagon for about 1/4 of the way home and then decided that he wanted to push Henry's stroller.  He literally pushed me away and said, "No Mommy, my baby!"  Well, at least he loves him.

5.  For both my kids it has been like flipping a switch when they finally sleep through the night.  Henry turned 6 months old and literally started sleeping through the night that day and hasn't gotten me up in the last week.  I don't get it, but I do appreciate it!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and Father's Day!  Cheers to the guys in our lives!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures in Parenting - Dinner edition

Tonight my son got a spaghetti noodle stuck up his nose.  To be specific, it was a linguine noodle because I had run out of regular spaghetti noodles.  Anyway, the night started out rather innocently...Cameron was eating his favorite meal of spaghetti (or if you want to split hairs, linguine) with meat sauce, sitting at his Little Tikes picnic table on our new deck.  He seemed to be enjoying the meal and kept getting up from the picnic table to bring handfuls of spaghetti over to his father to share, which his father naturally appreciated.  Then, it happened -- he sneezed with a mouthful of noodles and apparently one went directly from his mouth into his sinus cavity.  We didn't realize it at the time, as we were too busy trying to prevent him from finger painting our clothing, chairs and sliding glass door with marinara.  I first thought it was cute that Cam requested to eat outside at his picnic table and honestly, any other meal would have worked, but allowing a 2 year old to eat spaghetti without the restraint of a booster seat or highchair is NOT something I recommend.  There will be a dry cleaning bill to prove my point.  Also, I had to throw buckets of water onto the deck to wash away his mess.  Lesson learned.  Okay, now back to the nose noodle.

As Cam is climbing up on my husband's chair, face looking like it has been war-painted with marinara, I notice that something is hanging out of his nose.  The child is a complete booger factory, so this is not surprising and he does get passionate about eating, so I just thought it was a gross mucus trail -- at first.  Then I realized that it was the exact shape and color of a linguine noodle.  Horrified, I immediately died laughing.  I could barely get the words out to my husband, "he has a noodle hanging from his nose," to which my husband also died laughing.  Then, feeling bad, we both tried to get Cam to stand still for a second so we could get it out.  Not wanting to be touched, but not acting unlike his normal self, he scampered away and sniffed the starch right back up out of sight.  He continued with his meal, taking handfuls of noodles, stuffing them in his mouth and then running around the deck in his diaper and shirt (the bib was long gone), but we could tell he was uncomfortable having the pasta in his nose.  If you have ever had something stuck in your nose (which unfortunately, I have), you know that I am talking about.

Over the course of about 10 minutes the noodle continued to peek out of his nostril and he would continue to suck it back up -- unintentionally, I'm sure.  He would rub his face and nose and look at us confused.  He really did not know what the sensation was and how he could fix it.  I have to hand it to him, he did not cry or freak out, he just seemed a little uncomfortable.  So, at the point when Cam climbed up on my husband, pointed to my husband's undershirt which he had covered in spaghetti sauce and said, "Daddy made a mess," we decided to end the dinner and hopefully take care of the noodle situation.

As we were cleaning up, I saw my opportunity.  The noodle had made another appearance and this time I was not going to let it go.  I made a grab for it, held Cam's head still and pulled it out.  It kept coming and coming.  There was at least a few inches of noodle in there...which baffled me because I HAD cut Cam's spaghetti up into little pieces.  Regardless, I got it out and Cam immediately seemed relieved and proceeded to sneeze.  Success.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 2 of officially being unemployed (the weekend does not count).  Lesson 1: Mondays are not good days for job postings.  I figure most people don't have their you know what together on Monday and don't get around to posting anything until later in the week.  So, nothing new on the horizon yet.  Also, I got my first rejection from a job that I applied for in desperation on Thursday afternoon -- a position at a casino.  Yes, I know -- WTF?  For those of you who know me personally, you probably would not in your wildest dreams picture me at a casino (especially one in the Midwest), much less working at one.  But, then again, for those who know me personally, you also are probably aware that I am pretty much up for anything.  That being said, it was a risk manager position, I thought it would be fun and I imagined Ellen Barkin's character in Ocean's 13 (?)...you know, wearing tailored dresses and Louboutins.  Only problem is that I am completely over-qualified for the position, it is in small town Indiana and there is no way in hell that I can afford Louboutins now...plus, although George Clooney is from Cincinnati, I seriously doubt that he, Mr. Pitt and Mr. Damon will be frequenting any pop-up Midwest casinos.  Drat.

In my last post, I forgot to mention how obsessed and delighted I am in with the new HBO series, Girls.  I just finished watching the episode in which Hannah visits her parents in Michigan.  My husband and I were laughing out loud at some of the moments.  The writing is spot-on and relatable, not to mention hilarious.  The dialogue is amazing and I love Hannah's character...back in the day I felt like Hannah.  I didn't do all of the messed up crazy sh&t that she does, but I too fancied myself a writer, went to a small Midwestern liberal arts college, was somewhat serious (read neurotic), had experiences just to have them, and had at least 1 confirmed gay ex-boyfriend (although I found that out much later).  I wanted to live in NYC upon graduation, but decided to forgo the stress of never.having.any.money and went to law school in LA, where although I never.had.any.money, I knew that there was the promise of it a few years down the road.  And now I am almost 32, married with two kids, unemployed and writing again.  Ahhh, life's little twists and turns.

Today I had one of those days when time feels like it is standing still.  I couldn't quite pick myself up out of the funk and I literally couldn't get out of the house with the kids because my husband accidentally took the baby car seat to work with him.  I'm one of those people who likes to be out and about, running errands, taking the kids places, driving through Dunkin' Donuts...and today, I had to be creative with my time at home with two little guys.  All in all it wasn't a bad day -- Henry took three naps (as he should), Cam colored, directed me in playing trains with him, read books and hung out with Dora and Caillou when Mommy needed a few minutes peace to check email, do the dishes or cook dinner.  

Has anyone else noticed that SO much of children's television programming is filmed or produced by our neighbors to the north?  Canada has the children's programming market cornered, which has me wondering if Dino Dan is a celebrity up there...and what kind of name is Caillou?  French Canadian?  Tons of HGTV is also filmed up there and you can always tell it is Canadian when they use terms like "washroom" or "en suite" or "open concept."   

Here is the recipe for the chicken dish I made tonight which is my go-to dish because it is super easy and extremely delicious.  

Parmesan Chicken
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
Caesar dressing
1 sleeve Ritz crackers
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
some basil or tarragon...or whatever kind of spices you like

Marinate the chicken breasts in Caesar dressing overnight or all day.  I typically forget to thaw the chicken until the morning, so I do the all day option and I bet it doesn't taste any different.  Crush the sleeve of crackers.  I do this in a baggie and let Cam pound the hell out of them.  Mix the cracker crumbs with the Parmesan cheese and spices.  Dredge the chicken in the mixture and bake in oven uncovered for 30-45 minutes (test chicken center).  I spray the baking dish with cooking spray to make sure it doesn't stick.  Voila!  It always comes out tasty.  

Time for bed.  Henry has been getting up twice each night this week because he is rejecting the bottle throughout the day and knows that I am too lazy to make him a bottle at night and will revert to nursing when needed.  He is a gamer and he better shape up or else he will feel what sleep training is like pretty soon.  How can you say no to a face like this?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Shake it up!

Here we are and it is June.  My little world has changed a ton since I last posted at the end of April...for starters -- we MOVED!  What a process.  If I don't move again for 10 or 15 years, I will be happy.  I love love love our new house and I am trying not to let the unpacking mess get to me.  The kids have adjusted well and I am easing into our new suburban life.  Cameron turned two and is a MANIAC (amazingly sweet and funny, but a wild man) and Henry is just a little sumo wrestler.  See pic:

Change 2: My kids switched daycare centers and I am so very happy with the new one versus the old one.  Let's just say at the old one I began to feel like Cam was being jumped into a gang on a daily basis with all of the injuries he was having.  In the first few weeks at our new center he has already blossomed and comes home much happier and without any battle scars.  Our new center gives more detailed reports and one of my favorites is: "Cameron participated A LOT in circle time today."  Is this code for: "We could not get him to shut up"?  Probably, but at least I get good reports on his behavior and he seems to love it there -- plus the food is fancy.  For lunch the other day he had Chicken Alfredo with penne pasta.  Yeah, he's two and it is rough.

Change 3: My position at work got eliminated...yesterday.  I kind of saw it coming, but was hoping that it wasn't true.  I'll rebound, but it still sucks.  I'm going through the stages of grief...you know, yesterday I was shocked and in a little denial, today I am ANGRY.  I think this stage will last the longest and I don't see myself getting to the bargaining stage, because what is there to bargain about?  I do want my iPhone back...which actually may be the most annoying part of this entire thing.  I just hate having ANOTHER change to deal with right now.  Oh well -- at least it is summer and not winter.  Trying to keep my chin up and my mantra of "If God will lead you to it, God will lead you through it."  If you see me on FB and Pinterest a lot more now, you will know why...oh, and keep me in mind if there is a job out there for a compliance/risk manager/corporate attorney.  I will be having margaritas tonight...

That is enough about me --no more pity party.  What about Beyonce?  Just kidding...there is nothing new with that chick except that now she and Kim Kardashian can hang out on the regular since Kim is with Kanye and Kanye is up Jay-Z's you know what.  I would like to attend a couples dinner party with that crew.  Courvoisier all around!

What am I watching?  Well, probably a lot more now that I am unemployed.  Unfortunately most of my shows have ended for the season.  Did anyone else think that the Modern Family season finale was kind of LAME?  Really, Gloria is pregs?  Really?  I'm not sure I like that story line.  I also did not like the mock Mexican soap opera that they did for Mitchell and Cam trying to adopt a baby boy.  WTF?  Tighten it up Writers.

I still have a few Bethenny Ever Afters to catch up on and I need to get back to Game of Thrones.   Thank goodness for DVR and HBO On Demand.  Really, with all that has been going on in my world, I have been completely out of the loop and more focused on drawer organizers than on E! ...I know, what is the world coming to?  Don't worry, something will bring me back...a new celebrity baby or divorce.

As we ramp up to summer, I wish everyone a safe and exciting one.  It is my favorite season.  Later gators!