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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's up with Beyonce? And other stuff...

This week I went to Henry's 1 month appointment and it was determined by our pediatrician that my little gaggy, spitty, gassy baby probably has a touch of acid reflux and that is what is making him crazy after feedings and at night.  Because I am only getting around 4-5 hours of sleep a night these days and fear the day I actually have to go back to a real schedule, I am willing to try anything to get him to rest.  My pediatrician (who I LOVE) prescribed Zantac for Henry to try and we started his dosage last night.  It is too early in his regime to see a difference, but I am hoping for positive results.  Normally I would be very leery of giving an infant meds, but in this case I can tell he is in pain, uncomfortable and generally miserable and I also need both of us to SLEEP.  We'll see how it goes...

It is time now for the next installment of "What's Up With Beyonce?"  Well our friend B just gave birth to a little girl, Blue Ivy, this past Saturday at Lennox Hill hospital in Manhattan. Yesterday the main story from Diane Sawyer to Kathy Lee and Hoda focused on the allegations that other parents with newborns at Lennox Hill were hindered from seeing their babies due to the beefed up security and other modifications done to protect Beyonce and Jay-Z -- oh, and that the Carters donated upwards of a million dollars to have a suite renovated for the birth.  Seriously, this story was on every news outlet and talk show all day.  The story also debuted Jay-Z's newest song, "Glory," which is about his new daughter.  According to reports, Lennox Hill has apologized to any of their other patients /families who were inconvenienced by the Carters and claims that it was not responsible for hindering access within the maternity ward.   

First, does it really cost over a million dollars to renovate a hospital suite???  Seriously, when I gave birth I had a very nice birthing suite where the baby "roomed" in with me, but there was NO WAY that spending $1 million dollars would be worth it to change it when you spend a few days in it.  If that claim is true then it is one of the most ludicrous things that I have ever heard of.  Give that money to a children's charity instead...seriously.

Next, the new song "Glory" reveals that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Blue Ivy (which I'm sure you can find at your local florist).  The song itself is touching because it is clear that Jay-Z has some very strong emotions becoming a father, but I still find it interesting that a couple who is so private would reveal the miscarriage in a song...it is probably the effect of "baby bliss" which seems to occur for the first few weeks after having your first child.

Third, if I had been one of the people hindered from seeing my own child in the hospital you better believe that I would have thrown a royal fit.  The reports appear to be that the private security hired by the Carters overstepped their bounds in prohibiting people access to parts of the maternity ward (which should have been open to them) and not the hospital itself.  I don't really care who it was as it is the hospital's responsibility to maintain the privacy and safety of all of its patients and to give new parents access to their own children.  Crazy town.  I'm not one for authority figures anyway, but if it was just a private security guard telling me that I couldn't get to my kid and NOT someone from the hospital itself, then I probably would have just buzzed on past them anyway...are they going to taze or tackle a woman who had just given birth?  I doubt it.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of jay z but they do make a cute couple and i wish he best for them and their child.