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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drunk in Beverly Hills...

On Sunday night my mother, Henry and I watched the Golden Globes coverage.  It was fun to see the red carpet and all of the glamour of the evening.  If I had a choice of an awards show to attend, it would probably be the Golden Globes...it is more casual, you can drink at the table and everyone seems more relaxed (most likely due to the alcohol).  Everyone looked beautiful, but I'm not sure what the nude color trend was this year...I don't think it worked for most people who chose to wear it, but I am no Brad Goreski, so who knows...

Enough about the Golden Globes, let's talk about what else is going on in Beverly Hills...with the Real Housewives of course!  Henry and I just finished watching this week's episode and I feel like I just ended a therapy session.  This week was bananas.  Basically it was the opening of Lisa's new lounge at her restaurant Sur (which apparently stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant...stupid), and everyone decided to treat it as their own drama filled therapy session.

First, Kim Richards, as we know, is all sorts of CRAZY and it was more than clear that she regularly operates under the influence of something -- be it pills, alcohol or drugs -- the woman was literally holding an unmentionable "toy", trying to find jewelry on the floor of a bathroom and ordering her creepy boyfriend Ken around like he was a servant.  This was all while she was trying to get ready for the party and a preview for the evening...

Here are the events of the evening at Sur:

1.  A server at the lounge happened to be a woman that Brandi's ex-husband (Eddie Cibrian) cheated on her with.  Lisa ended up asking the server (named something like Scheana) to go home for the night in order to make Brandi feel comfortable.

2.  Ken confronts Brandi about her referring to him as a "gay bull mastiff" while they were in Hawaii.  She totally owns up to it and Paul (Adrienne's husband) literally laughs in Ken's face about it.  Classic.  Gotta love Brandi...and Ken kind of does look like that (whatever that looks like).

3.  Cedric the leech shows up at the party and says he wants to "be there for Lisa." Cedric was a day player from last season who lived at Lisa's house and apparently tried to get money or something out of them in the end, thus souring their relationship forever.  There is a small and VERY AWKWARD altercation between Cedric and Lisa and she asks him to leave, which he does only after kissing each of the other housewives.  I would like to say that the Bravo producers set this one up, but I also wouldn't put it past Cedric to just show up as he is a fame whore.

4.  Kim shows up after a very strange limo ride that could have been a scene from Intervention.  She is literally pushing all of the buttons in the limo, picks out and examines trash from the limo's trash can, takes off her bra and almost falls asleep.  Ken is trying, unsuccessfully, to manage her and as sad as it is to watch, I CANNOT WAIT for her to get the actual party to see what she will do next.

5.  Kim doesn't disappoint...she makes the rounds to all the ladies and is a little too exuberant.  She then tells Adrienne that she is "moving out."  Adrienne's face is priceless and it is clear that she really doesn't know what to do with Kim because EVERYONE knows that Kim is under the influence of some kind of substance, is crazy to begin with and is totally unpredictable.  So, what does Adrienne do?  After a quick trip to the ladies with Kim (who still has the unmentionable toy with her), she passes her off to Kyle.

6.  Kyle takes a moment to pull Kim off to the side and chat.  Kim goes on a rant about how Ken "puts her down" and that it isn't working out.  Then she fights with Kyle for a few minutes about how the Hawaii fight (over Kim being 36 hours late for the trip) was a big one for her and they get no where with it.  The topper is when Kim says that she is "late, late, late"...as in 3 months late and that she may be pregnant.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  This lady is amazing.  She goes on about how she is having another baby, but then says she doesn't want one and that she may want a puppy.  She hasn't taken a test and Kyle even suggests to her that perhaps, "no offense," it is menopause.  HA!  I loved every millisecond of this scene.  However, I just wanted to reach through my television, cut Kyle's hair and hug her saying that she can't fight with crazy so she should just let it be and go along for the ride.

7.  Next, we see a group therapy session occur when Taylor shows up with her therapist (that isn't inappropriate or anything) and a black eye.  Her therapist then somehow gathers all the ladies (sans Kim who is having a freaking breakdown in the bathroom) and allows Taylor to "tell her story."  So she goes on that she and Russell were fighting, things got physical, yada yada yada and that she has been in an abusive relationship for too long and that they are getting divorced.  Adrienne doesn't let her get away scott

8.  At the very end of the episode we see Kim finally emerge from the bathroom followed by Estella (Mauricio's mother) and Dana (day player housewife) looking haggard from having to deal with her.  Kim looks oblivious and gleeful of course.

The end.

I am seriously exhausted from typing all of that.  Henry is also spent and has decided to go back to sleep in order to avoid having to absorb all of that drama.  Smart baby.

P.S. - Kim has since gone to rehab.

Have a great day peeps!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's up with Beyonce? And other stuff...

This week I went to Henry's 1 month appointment and it was determined by our pediatrician that my little gaggy, spitty, gassy baby probably has a touch of acid reflux and that is what is making him crazy after feedings and at night.  Because I am only getting around 4-5 hours of sleep a night these days and fear the day I actually have to go back to a real schedule, I am willing to try anything to get him to rest.  My pediatrician (who I LOVE) prescribed Zantac for Henry to try and we started his dosage last night.  It is too early in his regime to see a difference, but I am hoping for positive results.  Normally I would be very leery of giving an infant meds, but in this case I can tell he is in pain, uncomfortable and generally miserable and I also need both of us to SLEEP.  We'll see how it goes...

It is time now for the next installment of "What's Up With Beyonce?"  Well our friend B just gave birth to a little girl, Blue Ivy, this past Saturday at Lennox Hill hospital in Manhattan. Yesterday the main story from Diane Sawyer to Kathy Lee and Hoda focused on the allegations that other parents with newborns at Lennox Hill were hindered from seeing their babies due to the beefed up security and other modifications done to protect Beyonce and Jay-Z -- oh, and that the Carters donated upwards of a million dollars to have a suite renovated for the birth.  Seriously, this story was on every news outlet and talk show all day.  The story also debuted Jay-Z's newest song, "Glory," which is about his new daughter.  According to reports, Lennox Hill has apologized to any of their other patients /families who were inconvenienced by the Carters and claims that it was not responsible for hindering access within the maternity ward.   

First, does it really cost over a million dollars to renovate a hospital suite???  Seriously, when I gave birth I had a very nice birthing suite where the baby "roomed" in with me, but there was NO WAY that spending $1 million dollars would be worth it to change it when you spend a few days in it.  If that claim is true then it is one of the most ludicrous things that I have ever heard of.  Give that money to a children's charity instead...seriously.

Next, the new song "Glory" reveals that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with Blue Ivy (which I'm sure you can find at your local florist).  The song itself is touching because it is clear that Jay-Z has some very strong emotions becoming a father, but I still find it interesting that a couple who is so private would reveal the miscarriage in a song...it is probably the effect of "baby bliss" which seems to occur for the first few weeks after having your first child.

Third, if I had been one of the people hindered from seeing my own child in the hospital you better believe that I would have thrown a royal fit.  The reports appear to be that the private security hired by the Carters overstepped their bounds in prohibiting people access to parts of the maternity ward (which should have been open to them) and not the hospital itself.  I don't really care who it was as it is the hospital's responsibility to maintain the privacy and safety of all of its patients and to give new parents access to their own children.  Crazy town.  I'm not one for authority figures anyway, but if it was just a private security guard telling me that I couldn't get to my kid and NOT someone from the hospital itself, then I probably would have just buzzed on past them anyway...are they going to taze or tackle a woman who had just given birth?  I doubt it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 29 in Captivity...

Henry is 4 weeks old -- hurray!  We are muddling through the sleepless nights and I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass."  I have been talking with my mommy friends about how the novelty and adrenalin rush that was experienced with the newborn phase with the first child does not really occur with the second.  Don't get me wrong, I am blissfully happy to just stare at his cute little face and cuddle him for hours on end, but when it comes to the routine of getting up every 2-3 hours throughout the night, I could just as well hire a baby nurse.  This time around I am more exhausted and have another child to care for (who is VERY BUSY), so the sleepless routine seems to be hitting me harder.  On a positive note, I have had a ton of helping hands and I am so thankful for the support -- oh, and my husband has been a champ taking on tons of Cameron time and household duties. 

I have been trying to keep up with pop culture and it hasn't been that hard to do with the time I have to spend feeding Henry and watching E! and Bravo.  First, I am very intrigued by the new Bravo show It's a Brad Brad World.  I never got into The Rachel Zoe Project (I find her very annoying), so I was not familiar with him before watching his new show.  Basically Brad Goreski is the former style director for Rachel Zoe's company and now he has gone off on his own to be a stylist and fashion editor.  The show follows his new business and life with longtime boyfriend Gary.  I love watching the Brad and Gary interact and I find Brad much more palatable to watch than I do Rachel Zoe...it could be because he is a very funny gay man and not a snotty haughty woman.  It has me wishing for some local gay friends of my own...all of mine live far far away in much more fashionable places than the Midwest!

All my time on maternity leave hasn't been on my couch and I actually was able to get out with my husband to see a matinee on New Year's Eve (thank you to my mother for babysitting!).  We saw We Bought a Zoo.  I loved it.  It could be the hormones but I literally cried throughout this movie and I haven't done that in a VERY long time.  Part of the reason that it touched me so much is because a large part of the story is about the loss of a wife and mother.  Matt Damon (who is hotter to me now that he has a ton of kids of his own) does a great job playing Benjamin Mee, a widow and father who relocates his family and purchases a somewhat neglected animal park.  I don't love his haircut in the movie --it is too shaggy, but he is still such a cutie.  Because it is based on a true story, I went and found the book on ibooks and read the sample after I saw the film.  The actual Benjamin Mee is British and the Dartmoor Zoological Park is located in southwest England.  The movie is fabulous and I recommend it for a date night with a husband/wife/partner/significant other...bring your tissues.  The picture above is of the real Benjamin Mee and Matt Damon at the Dartmoor Zoological Park. 

In other news I will be setting my DVR to record the back to back episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York this Sunday because it was promo'd as "when the end begins."  It is such a cheap marketing ploy -- Hey, come watch this so-called "marriage" disintegrate!  Of course, I bought right into it.  Later skaters.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, nice to meet you.

When I was a kid it was believed that by 2012 we would have a colony on the moon and that cars would probably be able to fly (or at least hover).  People could not fathom what our society would be like in a year that sounded so futuristic...or maybe "people" could, but kids could not.  Remember when you were a child and people who were 30 years old were "really old"?  Well, here I am almost 31 and 1/2 with two kiddos and a husband and I don't feel "really old" just yet, although 2012 does still sound like the future.

How did I ring in the new year?  We watched a few reruns of Jersey Shore (brain drain) and then I fought with Henry about going to sleep for a few hours only to end up feeding him at the stroke of midnight while neighbors around us shot off fireworks, which in my state of being "really old" and "really f*%?ing tired" I found ANNOYING.  I shed some tears of exhaustion, finally got the baby to sleep and tried to remember that this sleep deprivation phase will pass sooner than later (please God) and some semblance of a new normal will develop.

Although we are in the trenches of newborn-ness and in survival mode, I am above all THANKFUL for  my family and the fact that we are welcoming a new year together.  This year marked the 10th new years that my husband and I have spent together and my, how things have changed...and I couldn't be happier.

Here are a few of my wishes for 2012:

1.  That Henry starts sleeping through the night asap.  I may be dreaming on this one, but here's hoping...

2.  That my family and friends remain healthy and happy.

3.  That pop culture gives me some good topics to chew on; and

4.  That I soon start fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes and don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe of pajama jeans, as comfortable and stylish as they are...

Happy 2012!  Let's make it a fabulous and prosperous year.