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Monday, December 19, 2011

Henry is here!

And then we were four.  Henry was born on December 8th via c-section bursting into the world a full 8 lbs with a set of healthy lungs.  I was teary eyed and smiling from behind the surgery curtain and also jealous that my husband would be the first one to touch him, hold him and kiss him.  I concentrated on the sound of his cries and the fact that he was doing all the things that a newborn baby should do -- pinking up, screaming and rooting around for food.  I was grateful, humbled and proud.  I am a mom to two boys.

When I had Cam I was unconscious, so I didn't really know what to expect with a scheduled c-section, but I was delighted to find out that I had envisioned (and semi-prepared myself) for something much worse than it turned out to be.  I suppose that after my last birth experience, anything would be a piece of cake, but really the entire experience (surgery and recovery) was pretty easy.  The worst part for me was being prepped for surgery -- the IV, being wheeled down the hall without my husband, getting the spinal block -- and that is only because I didn't know what to expect on the other end and I was nervous.  After the spinal kicked in it was pretty smooth sailing.  The spinal was an out of body type of experience...I watched as nurses moved my legs around and it took me a second to realize that it was my body that they were moving.  My husband watched a lot of the surgery and got to take some good video of Henry being delivered.  I am thankful that he was there to witness this birth as we were both absent for Cam's.

Henry is a calm little guy (so far) and I am loving cuddling with him and getting back into the hang of newborn life.  The sleep deprivation is a killer and Cam is not adjusting as well as we would have hoped, but this too shall pass.  It is only day 11 and we have nothing but time.  For now I am back on the couch breastfeeding and living in my pajamas.  I'm soaking up every minute because I know how quickly it will pass.

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