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Friday, November 4, 2011

Do you have no shame?

I am glad that I never got around to watching the two part E! special on "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" as her second marriage lasted only 72 days.  What a fairytale -- or nightmare!  I don't really keep up with the Kardashians and only catch their reality show brain drain once in awhile, but I do remember thinking -- are these two really right for each other or is it a trumped up romance for the cameras?  These two were up against a ton during their courtship -- living on different coasts, crazy schedules, a VERY demanding and judgmental family who is not afraid to air family business on television, age difference, lifestyle difference...and most likely having NOTHING in common.  But, yes, let's get MARRIED.  On TV!  I have no idea what the real nature of their relationship and I really don't care...however I do have one thing to say -- SHAME ON YOU BOTH.

Although America may not treat it as such, marriage is sacred.  I don't care if you are two men, two women or polygamists entering into the institution of marriage, so long as you take it seriously.  It is my belief that when you say "I do," it doesn't mean "I'll try" or "We'll wait to see what the ratings do."  Kim is now claiming that she knew she should have ended the engagement, but had gotten caught up in the "wedding hoopla."  I get that...it is scary to make a huge decision, especially in the public eye...BUT then why not postpone the wedding (oh, wait, they were probably under contract) and try some premarital counseling first.  I would have respected them more if this had been the course they took. 

I have found that when celebrities blab about their personal lives on television and in magazines (especially when you know that they were the ones to solicit the interview), it usually backfires.  I mean, how many times did Jessica Simpson tell the press that she could see herself marrying and starting a family with Tony Romo?  And then, she was dumped. 

Marriage is hard, marriage is wonderful and marriage is something that should be taken seriously -- and not sold on television.  I may be being too judgmental and harsh, but seriously, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (I am blaming both of them) cheapened the whole meaning of marriage -- first by selling their dating period, engagement and wedding to television and then by ending it all after only 72 days!  Is she returning the gifts at least?

I will step off of my soap box now and give you another piece of news -- Jessica Simpson is pregnant.  How far Jessica has come -- from abstinence ring to pregnant out of wedlock.  No judgment, just amusement at how thing change...

Here she is dressed as a "mummy" for Halloween.  I find the costume idea a cute one, but the picture ridiculous.  Happy Friday Y'all!

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