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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey and Vampires. Yum.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was relaxing and full of family and FOOD -- not to mention heartburn and acid reflux for this very pregnant girl.  I carry Tums around with me everywhere now and am looking forward to relieving my purse of the load when this baby arrives.  Speaking of babies -- mine is going to be born in about 7 days if all goes according to plan and Kourtney Kardashian's is going to be born sometime this summer  (I'm guessing).  So, it is baby number 2 for Kourtney with the lovely (gag) Scott Disick.  Seriously. 

As part of my prep for being a mommy of two I have done a little pampering...a pedicure, some spa time and some girl time with my friends.  Over the weekend my fabulous friend Katie and I continued our tradition of going to see the Twilight movies together and we went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1.  Did we enjoy it?  Yes.  Did we have a commentary running the entire time that also included hitting each other during the cheesiest of moments?  Yes.  The people behind us probably hated us -- unless they thought our comments were as funny as we thought they were.  I realize that the Twilight series is by nature very cheese ball, but I think that Breaking Dawn took it over the top at times.  The last movie, Eclipse, was in my opinion the best so far and I had high hopes for Breaking Dawn.  For example, there is a scene with the werewolves where their human voices are dubbed over like you can hear their thoughts...hmmm...I couldn't contain myself and was laughing out loud.  Bad choice by the director.  The movie was also too drawn out with long looks between the characters, sappy music and dramatic pauses.  It was clear that the franchise was trying desperately to stretch the last book into two movies. 

Will I see the next one that  premieres in November 2012 (why the dramatic wait?)?  DEFINITELY.  It may be cheesy, ridiculous and kind of bad, but I am a fan and it is harmless fun.  Plus, Rob Pattinson was hotter in Breaking Dawn that he has been in any of the other movies.  At least they got that right!

I just read a report that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson are planning to get married...I really hope that it is a rumor and not true.  No, I don't want Rob to remain single -- I just don't advise any 21 year old to get married.  Just keep dating you guys...I'm sure that is what they are doing anyways and the whole marriage rumor is just a PR ploy. 

Okay, I have to get off the couch now in order to wake up my sleeping child from nap so we don't have a meltdown later...I have a feeling that I am going to feel like the newborn is easier than my 19 month old..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving is next week?

We have taught Cameron the baby sign for "thank-you" and he uses it, mostly with a gentle reminder, but sometimes he does it on his own.  When he does it on his own, I swell with pride.  As November ramps up and Thanksgiving is just next week, I have been thinking about the things / people / moments in my life that I am thankful for.

Here are a few -- some silly, some serious:

1.  The handheld cordless vacuum.  I just purchased this and it has come in handy for all of the crumbs that seem to multiply like bunny families on my hardwood floors, in Cam's highchair and on the couch -- oh, and the stroller.  Last weekend my husband and I cleaned out the baby car seat and both of Cameron's car seats and this thing made the job less painful.  When we were done I emptied out about a pound of goldfish, 1/2 eaten peanut butter crackers, vanilla wafer crumbs and cheerios.  I'm considering implementing a no eating in the car rule.  We'll see how long that lasts...

2.  The baby who is squirming around inside me waiting to be born.  Here I am at almost 37 weeks and although I am feeling pretty crappy, I am so thankful that this baby has a strong heartbeat and killer reflexes.  I can't wait to meet the little guy!

3.  My husband.  The past few weekends have included a "Saturdaddy" break for me.  Cameron and my husband have gone to Gymboree class, lunch and done errands just to give me some time to myself to rest.  He also puts up with my whining, out of whack body temperature (he has a down comforter and I have a sheet) and general hormonal attitude.  Thanks Babe!

4.  Yoga pants.  At this point even my maternity clothes are uncomfortable.

5.  Cameron.  I wouldn't want to leave out my sweet and sour toddler who makes me laugh everyday and after he hits me out of frustration, usually hugs me.  I can't believe that he is going to be a big brother (and he has no idea that his world is about to be rocked).  I never understood people talking about how they couldn't imagine loving a second child as much as their first -- UNTIL the second child arrived and their hearts swelled to new proportions.  Now I understand.  I don't have my second here yet, but I'm anticipating his arrival and looking at my first born son and wondering how I will ever find another face as precious as his.  It will happen and I will be amazed at what the heart is capable of.  I'm excited to find out.  Here is the little monster on Halloween...he caught on to the free candy concept real quick.

6.  The new Dunkin Donuts drive-thru on my way to work.  Need I explain?

There are so many other things / people / everyday miracles that I could add...I feel very blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I hope that this holiday week is a good one for everyone.  Remember, don't fry a turkey inside the house.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

45 and Pregnant - TLC is the MTV for old people.

Yes, it is official -Michelle Duggar is expecting baby number 20!  It was announced on the Today Show this morning and she is 3 1/2 months along and "craving pickles."  She is also 45 years old and had SEVERE complications with her last baby who was born around 25/26 weeks.  I am not really surprised by this news as the family has always been open about welcoming as many children as God would give them, but I thought perhaps her age would work against her this time around and she wouldn't be able to have any more kiddos.  Silly me.  This woman was born to breed.

TLC is going to give me the chance to watch a 45 year old woman carry her 20th child, while no doubt traveling the country in a family bus and sporting bangs circa 1995.  It is almost as fun as watching the 16 and Pregant series on MTV where little teeny boppers deal with cheating boyfriends, crackhead parents and no longer fitting into the Victoria Secret PINK line.  Wholesome fun = Duggars vs. Can't Tear Yourself Away from the Teen Trainwreck = 16 & Prego.  From my vantage point as a 30 something year old mom, it is almost a tie as to which show is more intriguing.  I can't imagine what Michelle Duggar's life is like and it is SOOO different from my own so I enjoy the spectacle and then I watch the knocked up teens and am so darn thankful that I never had to deal with that situation and find myself rooting for at least ONE of them to succeed (as in graduate, keep their relationship going and be a capable mother...).   

I am a fan of the Duggar family in general...I sometimes think that they are pretty extreme (the no dancing, no pants on women, etc.), but I tend to cheer them on.  So, congratulations Duggars on number 20 -- may this pregnancy be a HEALTHY one and yield a full-term baby!!! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time-- Made up by People without Children

So here in the midwest we observe daylight saving time.  For the first 29 years of my life I loved the time of year where we "fall back" and get an extra hour of sleep.  This year and last -- not so much.  Cam has been getting up extra early as it is and we have tried everything.  We have put him to bed earlier, put him to bed later, done two naps during the day and done one -- none of those combos seem to make a difference and he has been getting up between 5am and 6am for the last few weeks.  It is hell.  This morning he gave us a 4am wake-up call and would NOT go back to sleep.  I tried having him cry it out, comforting him, giving him milk, rocking him, reading books and then moving to a different venue with him.  He would NOT go back to sleep.  Thank you daylight saving time -- instead of an extra hour of sleep, I got an extra hour of dealing with a whiny toddler.

Parenthood -- the gift you continually (and willingly) pay for.

I hope that the rest of you all didn't have as horrific of an experience this year.  I am thinking of planning a pancake breakfast for all of my parent friends for next year -- one that will start around 6:30am.  We'll all be up anyway, right?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Do you have no shame?

I am glad that I never got around to watching the two part E! special on "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" as her second marriage lasted only 72 days.  What a fairytale -- or nightmare!  I don't really keep up with the Kardashians and only catch their reality show brain drain once in awhile, but I do remember thinking -- are these two really right for each other or is it a trumped up romance for the cameras?  These two were up against a ton during their courtship -- living on different coasts, crazy schedules, a VERY demanding and judgmental family who is not afraid to air family business on television, age difference, lifestyle difference...and most likely having NOTHING in common.  But, yes, let's get MARRIED.  On TV!  I have no idea what the real nature of their relationship and I really don't care...however I do have one thing to say -- SHAME ON YOU BOTH.

Although America may not treat it as such, marriage is sacred.  I don't care if you are two men, two women or polygamists entering into the institution of marriage, so long as you take it seriously.  It is my belief that when you say "I do," it doesn't mean "I'll try" or "We'll wait to see what the ratings do."  Kim is now claiming that she knew she should have ended the engagement, but had gotten caught up in the "wedding hoopla."  I get that...it is scary to make a huge decision, especially in the public eye...BUT then why not postpone the wedding (oh, wait, they were probably under contract) and try some premarital counseling first.  I would have respected them more if this had been the course they took. 

I have found that when celebrities blab about their personal lives on television and in magazines (especially when you know that they were the ones to solicit the interview), it usually backfires.  I mean, how many times did Jessica Simpson tell the press that she could see herself marrying and starting a family with Tony Romo?  And then, she was dumped. 

Marriage is hard, marriage is wonderful and marriage is something that should be taken seriously -- and not sold on television.  I may be being too judgmental and harsh, but seriously, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (I am blaming both of them) cheapened the whole meaning of marriage -- first by selling their dating period, engagement and wedding to television and then by ending it all after only 72 days!  Is she returning the gifts at least?

I will step off of my soap box now and give you another piece of news -- Jessica Simpson is pregnant.  How far Jessica has come -- from abstinence ring to pregnant out of wedlock.  No judgment, just amusement at how thing change...

Here she is dressed as a "mummy" for Halloween.  I find the costume idea a cute one, but the picture ridiculous.  Happy Friday Y'all!