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Monday, October 17, 2011

Catch up.

The past month of my life has been one hectic event after another and I apologize for being MIA.  In short, husband traveled, Cam got sick, we closed on our house (YEA!), moved into rental, I went on a business trip and then we went on vacation.  Oh, and in the middle of all that I tried keeping on top of work projects and unpack with a crazy (and I mean CRAZY) toddler running around.  Needless to say that I am tired (even after vacation) and also 32 weeks pregnant.  At times I forget that I am pregnant...did that happen to anyone else?  I think it is because this is my second child and because I am running at full speed all day every day. 

Things on my mind today:

1.  Crazy toddler.  Cameron's energy level literally doubles every day (or at least that is what it feels like).  He is sooo busy -- playing with toys, trying to get into the washing machine (I'm not kidding), trying to unpack boxes and get into them, throwing toys (any suggestions on curbing this?), fighting me on EVERY SINGLE diaper change, hiding things that we find later in the randomest places...and basically running everywhere while his pregnormous mother chases him.  He is a little domestic terrorist -- but an adorably sweet one at that. 

2.  Fear.  Fear that I have another child on the way in about 7 weeks (if I go to my c-section date) and don't have any clue as to how I am going to manage it.  People have been telling me that adding a second child is very tough...and while I appreciate the warning, I am hearing it about once a day now and each time I can feel my blood pressure rise.  My husband seems to be more relaxed about this pending transition than I am...of course, he doesn't have to get up in the middle of the night and breastfeed and deal with all of the other body trauma that comes along with birth and recovery.   You would think that after my last birth experience (summary: preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and almost dying) that I would be concerned about the actual birth, but right now I am more scared of the days and weeks after we get home from the hospital with Baby Boy #2.  I'm sure fear about the birth process will come -- probably when I am on my way to the hospital either in labor or for my scheduled c-section, but right now I am foolishly focusing my energy on what will happen post-delivery and how my little whirling dervish named Cam will handle it all.  OY.

3.  I did not DVR Kim Kardashian's Dream Wedding special.  What did I miss?  I was too tired to care.

4.  Even after moving away from LA, I still have celebrity spottings ...I have seen Drew Lachey at the playground and when we went for ice cream one night.  Actually, both times I have seen him (we live in the same area of town), he has had ice cream with him.  He has a son that is around Cam's age or a little younger and a daughter who appears to be around 4 or 5.  Who knows, maybe his son and Cam will play on the same soccer team later on...

5.  I read I Don't Know How She Does It while I was on vacation and although it is a good read, it actually made me anxious.  Basically, it depicts what most working moms go through to juggle family life and career.  I haven't seen the movie and I probably will (when it comes to Redbox), but I have to admit that at times the book was kind of depressing -- because it was so true.  The main character has a high powered / high stress job and two children (not to mention a husband, an extended family and friends) to maintain and she often feels like she is "faking" one "job" for the other.  I don't work full time per se (30 hours a week), but I often feel like I am still juggling -- furiously at times -- to keep up.  In the book there is a character who actually writes a manual for her husband called "Your Family: How it Works," in order to guide him after her death.  I often wonder how smoothly things would function if I passed away unexpectedly and left my husband to handle all the details and minutia of our family life.  I know he would do fine in time, but seriously, how would I account for all of the tiny little things I do without thinking or the planning ahead / anticipating that all moms / women seem to do?  It goes beyond purchasing life insurance and completing estate planning (which I need to do) and is more about remembering to repack the diaper bag, have a clean blankie at the ready, pay daycare, have a stock of swim diapers, know what Cam's favorite book is, or where I keep the band-aids and motrin.  I liked the book because it was entertaining and the characters were funny and relatable, but it made me more nervous to bring another child into this circus act. 

More later...hopefully some vacation pictures and pop culture-ish things -- I need to catch up.  I am watching Sister Wives on TLC this season and when I was watching it the other day I actually forgot they were polygamists...they just seem so much more normal than those peeps with bad hairstyles that we usually see.  Did I ever mention that I went to a Halloween party with a group of friends dressed up as polygamists?  BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE COSTUME EVER.  Not sexy, though...unless you are into that...Feel free to steal the idea.

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