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Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's up with Beyonce?

In a hilarious moment back in 2006 my mother asked "But, guys, what's up with Beyonce?"  At the time my mother speculated that Jay-Z and Beyonce were indeed already married (secretly) and she really wasn't far from the truth.  They "allegedly" tied the knot a short time later in a very private and never confirmed ceremony.  And, today Mom, what's up with Beyonce is that she is straight up prego!  Confirmed in a very public way on last weekend's MTV VMA awards (I know, I'm a little late to the party).  My theory on the public announcement is that Beyonce felt that she had to tell people before Kayne West got up in the middle of someone else's speech and announced it for her...

Well, congratulations to you Beyonce and your hubs Jay-Z!  I'm sure you guys will be great parents of the next rap/r&b/pop mogul.  Oh, and I am fully expecting a maternity clothing line to be launched by Beyonce and her mother...get ready world.

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  1. She'll probably start a baby line, too, so you can deck Cam out in the hottest fashions..