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Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I in the Middle East? and other summer musings...

Good afternoon.  It is so hot that I thought I was in Abu Dhabi this morning.  I am not really complaining though since I LOVE SUMMER and would take this over 13 degree temps any day.  However, being prego, toting a 14 month old and still having to look "work appropriate" three days a week does not jibe with the heat wave!  I have a complaint to make -- why don't carseats breathe better?  Poor little Cameron has emerged from the car soaking wet, with a sweaty head and smelly feet (now that he wears shoes, it seems unavoidable...).  The kid literally is losing a pound of water weight every car trip --- even when we pump the air, the car is still too hot when we get in it and he just never cools down on our short trips.  I have been pushing the water and fluids, but he is still too little to understand that he needs to hydrate...any suggestions???

My son has also just recently started purposefully FLINGING his food off of his high chair.  He looks right at me when he is doing it and gets pretty good range for a 14 month old (future sportsman?).  Apparently this is hilarious to him.  I have tried to maintain stern looks, telling him that "we don't throw our food," ending the meal early and just generally ignoring him to see if he will stop.  I have spoken to other mom friends who say that this is pretty normal for his age, but seriously, how do I curb this behavior?  Maybe I just ride it out and keep cleaning the floor, but it is getting exhausting!  I see him testing me and it is both amusing to me (since he is a little person with a personality now) and infuriating.  I'm sure this is just the first in a long long line of things he will do to push my buttons...Welcome to parenthood.

I also want to apologize for being a delinquent blogger.  Time has gotten away from me the past week or so and we are in the midst of lots o' change in my little household.  After almost 6 months of sitting on the market, our house finally got a contract and now we are in the midst of house hunting, purging and organizing and praying that our buyer doesn't decide to walk away from the deal.  We are ready to move on to a house with different space and get settled before baby deux arrives this holiday season.  Pregnant and packing...I will be digging deep for energy to get it all done.

Things that may keep me going through the hot mess of summer --
1.  Sugar-free snow cones from the shack in the shopping center parking lot.  I don't even have to get Cam out of the car...just pull up right next to it, hop out leaving the air running and door open, order, get back in car for a few minutes, then hop back out pay, get handed frigid treat, hop back in and get the hell out of dodge.  So convenient, even if it seems like a lot of hopping...

2.  Thoughts of a beach vacation in October.  I will be pregnormous and in a very flattering (not) maternity swimsuit, but who cares, it is the promise of the ocean, sand and eating out at restaurants that keeps me going...

3.  Day dreaming up decorating ideas for a new house.  New place, new canvas.  A little daunting, but exciting too.

In pop news, there have been a slew of celebrity babies born.  Welcome to the world of Hollywood and the "beautiful people" (as my mother once called them):

Baby boy Kase Townes born July 11th to Jewel and husband Ty Murray.  Congratulations! 

Baby girl Harper Seven, born July 10th (my birthday!) to David and Victoria Beckham.  She joined three big brothers.  Cute name and very cute obviously posed photos...don't even try to tell me these were candid shots taken with an iphone or something...

Baby boy Bingham Hawn, born July 9th to Kate Hudson and fiance Matt Bellamy.  The little one's name stems from both grandmother's maiden/last names.  Very sophisticated indeed.  I have considered this naming convention, but not sure that my mom and MIL have very first/middle name friendly monikers.  Kate Hudson didn't find out the sex of the baby before birth, but had told the media that she thought it was a girl this time around (she has older son Ryder from first marriage). 

Have a great weekend!!! 

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