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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bruce Jenner - I don't know what to say.

Yesterday as I lay exhausted on the couch while Cameron was napping (I tried sleeping too, but I think I have pregnancy induced insomnia), I tuned into ye old Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  This show both disgusts and intrigues me.  The latest crapisode was about Bruce Jenner finding out that his daughter Kendall is on birth control and Kim getting diagnosed with psoriasis (gasp.).  First off, Bruce freaks out about the possibility of Kendall even needing birth control, but then in a conversation with his "wife" Kris, he refuses to have the "birds and bees" talk with Kendall (15) or his other daughter Kylie (13).  He instead gets Khloe to figure out what is going on with his youngest kids -- I don't know what is worse parenting -- refusing to do the talk or sending Khloe to get the scoop.  Also, isn't it a little late?  I think I was given version of the talk starting at age 8 or something...

This whole debacle was just uncomfortable for everyone and I had second hand embarrassment watching it unfold.  I refuse to believe that Kendall and Kylie don't know "much" about sex being that their sisters have pretty much all made sex tapes (well, maybe not Khloe).  Man up Bruce, you fathered these girls, now figure out how to raise them into responsible women -- considering that Kris pretty much failed in this area with her first three daughters, you would think that he would be stepping up to the plate.  All of this also made me dread giving Cameron "the talk," although I am thinking that it will be more of an on-going dialogue in our house.  Right now I just want to stop him from throwing food on the floor or sticking Little People in the subwolfer.

Watching this show also made wonder what Bruce Jenner used to look like before he became scary plastic surgery "man."  Really, his face doesn't even look like a man anymore.  It is freaky.  Here is a pic of him from back in the day and a recent shot.  Enjoy! 


Friday, July 22, 2011

Am I in the Middle East? and other summer musings...

Good afternoon.  It is so hot that I thought I was in Abu Dhabi this morning.  I am not really complaining though since I LOVE SUMMER and would take this over 13 degree temps any day.  However, being prego, toting a 14 month old and still having to look "work appropriate" three days a week does not jibe with the heat wave!  I have a complaint to make -- why don't carseats breathe better?  Poor little Cameron has emerged from the car soaking wet, with a sweaty head and smelly feet (now that he wears shoes, it seems unavoidable...).  The kid literally is losing a pound of water weight every car trip --- even when we pump the air, the car is still too hot when we get in it and he just never cools down on our short trips.  I have been pushing the water and fluids, but he is still too little to understand that he needs to hydrate...any suggestions???

My son has also just recently started purposefully FLINGING his food off of his high chair.  He looks right at me when he is doing it and gets pretty good range for a 14 month old (future sportsman?).  Apparently this is hilarious to him.  I have tried to maintain stern looks, telling him that "we don't throw our food," ending the meal early and just generally ignoring him to see if he will stop.  I have spoken to other mom friends who say that this is pretty normal for his age, but seriously, how do I curb this behavior?  Maybe I just ride it out and keep cleaning the floor, but it is getting exhausting!  I see him testing me and it is both amusing to me (since he is a little person with a personality now) and infuriating.  I'm sure this is just the first in a long long line of things he will do to push my buttons...Welcome to parenthood.

I also want to apologize for being a delinquent blogger.  Time has gotten away from me the past week or so and we are in the midst of lots o' change in my little household.  After almost 6 months of sitting on the market, our house finally got a contract and now we are in the midst of house hunting, purging and organizing and praying that our buyer doesn't decide to walk away from the deal.  We are ready to move on to a house with different space and get settled before baby deux arrives this holiday season.  Pregnant and packing...I will be digging deep for energy to get it all done.

Things that may keep me going through the hot mess of summer --
1.  Sugar-free snow cones from the shack in the shopping center parking lot.  I don't even have to get Cam out of the car...just pull up right next to it, hop out leaving the air running and door open, order, get back in car for a few minutes, then hop back out pay, get handed frigid treat, hop back in and get the hell out of dodge.  So convenient, even if it seems like a lot of hopping...

2.  Thoughts of a beach vacation in October.  I will be pregnormous and in a very flattering (not) maternity swimsuit, but who cares, it is the promise of the ocean, sand and eating out at restaurants that keeps me going...

3.  Day dreaming up decorating ideas for a new house.  New place, new canvas.  A little daunting, but exciting too.

In pop news, there have been a slew of celebrity babies born.  Welcome to the world of Hollywood and the "beautiful people" (as my mother once called them):

Baby boy Kase Townes born July 11th to Jewel and husband Ty Murray.  Congratulations! 

Baby girl Harper Seven, born July 10th (my birthday!) to David and Victoria Beckham.  She joined three big brothers.  Cute name and very cute obviously posed photos...don't even try to tell me these were candid shots taken with an iphone or something...

Baby boy Bingham Hawn, born July 9th to Kate Hudson and fiance Matt Bellamy.  The little one's name stems from both grandmother's maiden/last names.  Very sophisticated indeed.  I have considered this naming convention, but not sure that my mom and MIL have very first/middle name friendly monikers.  Kate Hudson didn't find out the sex of the baby before birth, but had told the media that she thought it was a girl this time around (she has older son Ryder from first marriage). 

Have a great weekend!!! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Talk about a Birth Experience from Hell

The entire Jaycee Dugard saga disturbs me greatly.  This poor woman was abducted at age 11 and lost out on 18 (18!!!) years of her life being held captive by her kidnappers who raped, abused and tormented her the entire time.  I feel the utmost sorrow for this woman and her two children (fathered by her abuser) and I cannot imagine the relief, joy, confusion and other mix of emotions they all must have felt when they were finally rescued and let free in the outside world.  Jaycee is 31 -- the age I am reluctantly turning this Sunday and I can't help but keep trying to imagine her nightmare. 

Today, on http://www.people.com/ I read a short recap of Jaycee's interview with Diane Sawyer.  This was the headline: "Jaycee Dugard Recalls the Pain of Giving Birth in Captivity."  First off, try to ignore the fact that the headline makes her sound like a zoo animal -- the writers at People are not literary masters.  Second, if you have ever given birth, you know that it is not a pretty process...and you were probably educated about what it entailed, had the chance to oh, you know, have prenatal care, and had supportive people surrounding you.  This poor girl gave birth to her first daughter at around the age of 14, while locked up in a makeshift prison and attended to by her rapist and his wife.  Sound like a good time?  In the article she states that she didn't "realize she was in labor."   How would she know?  She was 14 and had been hidden from society for three years.  She probably thought she was DYING.

Jaycee's book, A Stolen Life is out and I may buy it for my iPad.  I am fascinated by this woman's story -- her strength, will to survive, her journey into motherhood and her re-entry into society.  Her kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, was sentenced to 431 years in prison and his wife, Nancy, to 36 years (not sure why the leniency on her...).  I'm not even sure that justice was served.  I'm sure that Jaycee wants to move on with her life and I don't blame her, but from a citizen's standpoint -- hell, from a mother's standpoint  -- I am contemplating whether the death penalty would have been more appropriate.  The crime was premeditated and the torture and abuse systematic and unrelenting for 18 years.  It makes me wonder how many other children are out there being hidden and abused by kidnappers while their parents mourn. 

I'm just glad she is free and that her daughters don't have to live like that any longer.  I wish them the best. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks, Guns and Doing the Splits -- American Style

I love a long weekend -- who doesn't?  This Fourth of July was special because Cameron could participate.  Last year he was only a few months old and basically a lump that I had to keep out of the sun and heat.  This year he was a maniac, riding his bike (well, being pushed on it) in the 4th of July parade, swimming in the lake with me (floating more like it) and enjoying many snacks that random family members let him try.  He had a blast and I loved watching him.  Fourth of July has always been a big deal in my family and is typically celebrated down at a small lake community where the club puts on a midway, pool games, a parade and fireworks.  Total Americana.  Did I mention that summer is my favorite season? 

Back at work today I was pretty dismayed to hear the Casey Anthony verdict.  I don't even want to go into it, but I do understand that there was a lack of conclusive evidence to convict her...I just wish there hadn't been.  I look at my son and even though he drives me a little bonkers every so often, I could never hurt him.  Hell, being pregnant I can't even drink a soda without feeling guilty -- even a caffeine-free one.  I just hope that the real story comes out someday so that Caylee's family can have peace... or at least the guilt will drive Casey mad.

On a lighter note, I am still processing last week's Real Housewives of New Jersey.  All I can say is wow.  The episode featured Teresa and the gang going to Joe Giudice's family cabin.  When I say gang, I mean Jacqueline and her hubs, Teresa and Joe, Caroline and the Manzo boys, her sidekick and possible new cast member Dolores and about 689 members of Joe Giudice's family.  I don't even know how to describe this, but there were about 700 people there and apparently only 2 bedrooms.  I assume Bravo rented the entire rest of the mountain to put up the cast and crew b/c I can tell you that Caroline did NOT stay there...by her facial expressions, it was clear that she was looking for the purell the entire time she had to appear at this location.  It was totally one of the circumstances where her real response to the invite was hell to the no, but her contract said otherwise.  Quick recap of what you would have seen:  Teresa and Melissa half-heartedly making up (or should I say resolving to "move forward"); Teresa shooting guns; Joe attempting to do the splits; Jacqueline actually doing the splits; a picture of a younger (still beefy) Joe doing the splits and sporting a mullet; a 1:30am pizza making contest; Teresa talking openly about a certain uh, intimate toy; more shooting of guns, and oh, a visit to the chapel situated at the end of the driveway.  Yeah, it was a goldmine.

I almost forgot -- the other 1/4 of the show featured Joe and Melissa taking their daughter Antonia to her ballroom dance performance and Kathy and Rich looking at starting a restaurant.  Both are too ridiculous to cover, but if you want nightmares, check out the other performers at the dance school (all are about 30 years older than Antonia) and Kathy's restaurant location shopping outfit --uh, what?  I can't take it.