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Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Random Thoughts...

These are a few things that I have been thinking about but couldn't quite flesh out into full blog posts:

1.  For all you parents out there that may have seen Mas and Ruby on Nick Jr. -- is Ruby the most patient big sister ever or what?  Anything that Max does to ruin her parties, her shopping trips, her cooking, she just gives him the benefit of the doubt and moves on.  What a saint.  Sadly I cannot say that I was as tolerant a big sister as Ruby the Rabbit.  Also, where the heck is Ruby and Max's mother?  We see Grandma, but never parents.  Does Ruby raise Max?  I need backstory people.

2. Does anyone find it weird that Rhianna, a victim of domestic violence, would go ahead and sing a song about S&M?  Anyone?

3.  I am interested, bored and frustrated with the Casey Anthony trial all at the same time.  Just convict her already.

4.  No one cares about Lindsay Lohan anymore.  She is on house arrest and I really don't care what she is doing. 

5.  Oh and just because Pippa Middleton is wearing it doesn't make it cool.  Although I do like her style. 

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