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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Really? (or Seriously. Part 2)

Okay, so after blogging about it and then finding out that so many intelligent women also have gotten sucked into this show, I watched Monday night's new episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Have you ever been in a situation that was supposed to be fun or silly and then had it turn out horribly wrong?  For instance, when I was a fun loving second semester senior in college, the hip hop group 112 came to our campus to do a concert.  What brought them to small town (and I mean small) Indiana I will never know, but since they were a one-hit wonder (uh, hello, Peaches and Cream anyone?) at the time they agreed to come and perform in our Division 3 gym.  Anywho, my friends and I did a little prepartying before hand, purchased our $10 tickets at the door and went in to enjoy some good ol' fashioned hip hop fun.  Well, just as it was getting good -- everyone was dancing to a mash-up of Peaches and Cream and some other song I will never remember, the band stopped and asked for a moment of silence for 9/11.  WTF?  Maybe at the beginning that would be appropriate, but in the middle of your only good song?  Really?  The momentum was lost and there were so many people there that were a little past tipsy that it did not go well.  A girl in front of us started giggling and then fell off of her chair.  We left shortly thereafter -- buzz killed. 

That long story mimics what happened to me last night when I finally sat down to watch Monday's Secret Life.  Okay, so a few episodes ago there was a teen wedding (Adrianne and Ben), mainly because Adrianne is pregnant with his baby.  This episode, besides having ALL the other characters talking about having sex, not having sex and marriage, was when Adrianne and Ben were going to have their baby (a girl).  Well, things did NOT work out so well, in fact, the baby ended up being a stillborn.  I know.  WTF?  This is ABC Family.  I really DO NOT understand what demographic this show is shooting for.  So, here I am, giggling away at the atrocious writing and waiting to see the baby and next thing I know there are tears running down my face.  This show is so ridiculous that they threw in a stillbirth. 

There may be an argument for adding realism to the show, but this was just inappropriately serious for this series.  I just cannot imagine a parent sitting and watching this with their tween or teen and not thinking it was crazy town.  Not only are there pregnant married teens, teens that are "going away for a sleepover" that their parents are okay with, teens that get paid for NOT having sex, a down syndrome kid that thinks he is marrying a lady he met on the bus and oh, lest I forget, a very involved guidance counselor played by Beverley Mitchell (as in Lucy from 7th Heaven) -- the writers had to thrown in a horrible tragic birth story?  I'm not sure if they realize this or not, but this show is NOT going to be up for an Emmy.  Ever.

So, that was me last night -- my husband went running and I ate Ritz Bitz sandwiches on the couch crying about a stillbirth on ABC Family.  I will never get that hour back. 

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