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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Big Boy Baby

The other day I got sentimental as only a mother can and went back through all of my facebook albums and realized my baby is not such a baby anymore.  He is a big boy now.  I look at his old albums and how chubby his cheeks were and how he literally had no neck at all and I can hardly remember what he was like back then (oh, it was only about 4 months ago, but still).  Today he is walking everywhere, climbing up on everything and gesturing/pointing his little heart out.  He "talks" to me and laughs with me.  He mimics what I do.  He has actual shoes now and he eats with his fingers.  The last few months have changed my baby into a boy.  This photo is Cam at a few weeks old.

The other day I found a video of myself in the hospital the day after Cam's birth.  I had never seen it before and besides being somewhat horrified at what I looked and sounded like (I was pretty sick), I couldn't believe that he was once that small.  I remember moments of those first few months with him, but for the most part it is hard to recapture those pictures in my head.  He has changed so much.  Thank God for cameras.  Here is Cameron at 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo. and 1 year!  He still looks neckless in the 1 year photo, but he now has some neck (I swear!) and he is walking everywhere...emptying all of my cabinets and running away from me when it is time for diaper changes. 

In about 6 months I will get to start all over with a new addition to our family and Cam won't be "the baby" any longer.  He will be the big brother.  It seems surreal that I will go through the newborn stage again, but I am so excited to hold a little one in my arms again.  Cam will no doubt be trying to crawl into my arms as well and I will always be stretching to open them wider to accommodate everyone.  I can't wait to see what Cameron will be like as a big brother -- I'm sure he and his sibling will get into lots of trouble together.  We are thrilled, nervous and overjoyed to become a family of four!   

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