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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Summer!

Summer is here (at least in my mind) and I am very very excited.  Cincinnati has had about 3 months of pure monsoon season and I was more than ready for Mr. Sun to make his appearance and warm up the place.  Two weeks ago I was wearing a sweater and fleece (I kid you not) and today I am rocking my summer work wardrobe.  Yipee! 

There are some things that happened in pop culture -- My Fair Brady couple Adrianne Curry and Christoper Knight separated (not sure how they made it this long), Justin Timberlake is rumored to be canoodling with Ashley Olsen, and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are starting a "tween" fashion line (full of short shorts and wedge sandals, I'm sure).  But, who cares about the world of pop right now?  I can't seem to care too much now that the weather is hot and sunny. All of my shows are pretty much wrapped for the season, except for my guilty pleasure  -- The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  More on those crazy gals later.

In the meantime, I am soaking up every opportunity to get outside with my little guy.  Cameron is working on walking...he is toddling, collapsing, crawling and doing it all over again.  I had to find some summer fun activities to do with the kid because his toys get boring after awhile and he gets cranky being inside all the time.  Here is what I have discovered thus far:

1.  We joined the Zoo.  The Cincinnati Zoo is an amazing spot and although Cam is not quite into the animals yet, he does like the fish, manatees and other things that he can focus on up close and personal.  The Cincinnati Zoo is also my current "green" hero as they recently unveiled the largest installation of solar panels around -- enough to power the entire zoo.  I love it!

2.  Sprinkle Parks!  Our county and city has put a bunch of sprinkle parks in recently and they are a fabulous alternative to pools.  I love a pool just as much as the next girl, but my 13 month old (tomorrow he turns 13 months!!!) does not: a) know how to swim or b) appreciate safety precautions.  The sprinkle park is great -- lots of water flowing to keep him cool, no drowning hazards, lots of room to toddle and play with jets of water, bubbling fountains and cool animals that spray you.  We have already visited one twice since this past weekend and he is in heaven there!  He is so preoccupied that he even forgets that he is wearing his sunhat (which he typically hates). 

3.  Ice cream anyone?  Cam discovered that he loves an ice cream cone -- or dish -- or fistful of anything cold.  I don't want to make this a regular activity (he is only 13 months y'all), but I will definitely be treating the both of us to a cone once in awhile. 

I am working on collecting more summer activities in my bag of tricks...parks and picnics will definitely also be on the list. 

Just one question - how do I keep him from rubbing sunscreen in his eyes???  Poor guy did this yesterday and I had the pleasure of listening to him shriek for 1/2 hour.  Stick sunscreen?  Any suggestions are welcome!

Enjoy the weather!

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