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Friday, June 24, 2011

Some Random Thoughts...

These are a few things that I have been thinking about but couldn't quite flesh out into full blog posts:

1.  For all you parents out there that may have seen Mas and Ruby on Nick Jr. -- is Ruby the most patient big sister ever or what?  Anything that Max does to ruin her parties, her shopping trips, her cooking, she just gives him the benefit of the doubt and moves on.  What a saint.  Sadly I cannot say that I was as tolerant a big sister as Ruby the Rabbit.  Also, where the heck is Ruby and Max's mother?  We see Grandma, but never parents.  Does Ruby raise Max?  I need backstory people.

2. Does anyone find it weird that Rhianna, a victim of domestic violence, would go ahead and sing a song about S&M?  Anyone?

3.  I am interested, bored and frustrated with the Casey Anthony trial all at the same time.  Just convict her already.

4.  No one cares about Lindsay Lohan anymore.  She is on house arrest and I really don't care what she is doing. 

5.  Oh and just because Pippa Middleton is wearing it doesn't make it cool.  Although I do like her style. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When your husband has to sign your permission slip to skip gym...

Here is the headline that jumped out at me this morning: Doug Anthony Hutchinson Marries 16-Year-Old Country Singer.  I didn't know who this guy was (apparently he is an actor that appeared on Lost), but I do know that he is a freak.  He is 51 years old and he just married a 16 year old in Vegas (of course).  SO GROSS.

According to him, "We're aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial," he said. 'But we're very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless."  35 years age difference is one thing when you are both of legal age, but she is 16!  He just comes off as a sick freak pervert.

I am disgusted, as you can tell.  Here are my follow-up questions to this story:
1.  What was the hurry?  If you are so in love, wait until she is over 18 to get married...at least it doesn't look so perverted that way.
   2.1.  Are they friends with her new husband? 
   2.2.  Is that how the happy couple met?  At her parent's house?
   2.3   Do they realize that the photo posted of her makes her look like a porn star?
   2.4   Were they paid to let her marry him?
   2.5.  Are they INSANE?  Answer: Yes.

I am totally creeped out by this entire thing.  I can't believe he announced it on his website.  I can only hope it is a publicity stunt to bolster both of their careers and they are not actually married and have not been doing inappropriate things together.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Spring seems to be a popular time for birthing -- you know, animals hatch in spring, bears come out of hibernation and give birth (I just made that up) and the maternity wards get packed with newborns.  I had Cameron in spring and while I was in the hospital they had to open up the rarely used overflow wing because it got so packed.  In the spirit of spring babies, here are some birth announcements for your enjoyment:

1.  Willow Sage Hart -- the new daughter of Pink and Carey Hart was born June 2nd.  The new family has already been spotted out and about in Malibu.   I wish I was in Malibu right now.

2.  Baby Boy Millepied -- Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied welcomed a baby boy sometime in the past week or so...no date was released and no name either!  Congratulations Natalie!

3.  Baby "M" Duggar -- the newest member of the Duggar clan was born June 15 to parents Josh and Anna Duggar.  The baby boy's name was not released, but was confirmed to start with an "M."  I hope that they don't do all "M" names, but I think that is where this is headed.  Baby "M" was born at home in Arkansas.  Brave woman.  Check out the picture -- this kid was supposedly born yesterday...they really have good PR people (but don't most reality stars?)

Two of my girlfriends - Erin and Amy -- also joined the spring mama club and gave birth to little boys in the last few weeks.  Congratulations! 

Who is next???  Happy Thursday!

My Big Boy Baby

The other day I got sentimental as only a mother can and went back through all of my facebook albums and realized my baby is not such a baby anymore.  He is a big boy now.  I look at his old albums and how chubby his cheeks were and how he literally had no neck at all and I can hardly remember what he was like back then (oh, it was only about 4 months ago, but still).  Today he is walking everywhere, climbing up on everything and gesturing/pointing his little heart out.  He "talks" to me and laughs with me.  He mimics what I do.  He has actual shoes now and he eats with his fingers.  The last few months have changed my baby into a boy.  This photo is Cam at a few weeks old.

The other day I found a video of myself in the hospital the day after Cam's birth.  I had never seen it before and besides being somewhat horrified at what I looked and sounded like (I was pretty sick), I couldn't believe that he was once that small.  I remember moments of those first few months with him, but for the most part it is hard to recapture those pictures in my head.  He has changed so much.  Thank God for cameras.  Here is Cameron at 3 mo., 6 mo., 9 mo. and 1 year!  He still looks neckless in the 1 year photo, but he now has some neck (I swear!) and he is walking everywhere...emptying all of my cabinets and running away from me when it is time for diaper changes. 

In about 6 months I will get to start all over with a new addition to our family and Cam won't be "the baby" any longer.  He will be the big brother.  It seems surreal that I will go through the newborn stage again, but I am so excited to hold a little one in my arms again.  Cam will no doubt be trying to crawl into my arms as well and I will always be stretching to open them wider to accommodate everyone.  I can't wait to see what Cameron will be like as a big brother -- I'm sure he and his sibling will get into lots of trouble together.  We are thrilled, nervous and overjoyed to become a family of four!   

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gypsies - my new polygamist?

While Sister Wives is on hiatus until fall (when sh*t looks like it will hit the fan for the Brown family) I needed a new extreme cultural phenomenon to occupy my summer TV time.  Now I love plygs just as much as the next girl, probably more actually, and I will stay loyal to my polygamy obsession, but this summer I am going to dive deep into the world of gypsies.  Yep, that's right, gypsies.  I don't know much about this people, only what I've learned from cartoons (that they travel in circus like wagons and wear loose clothing) and the propaganda our local news station spouts each spring warning that the gypsies are coming to run their scams in our fair city.  So, basically all I know is that gypsies are criminals who wear baggy clothes and travel in wagons.  Therefore, I was hoping that the TLC show (of course it is on TLC) My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding would learn me good on some gypsy knowledge.  Learn I did. 

To preface, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding follows English and Irish gypsy / traveller (the more PC name) families in the UK and specifically profiles gypsy weddings, christenings and first communions.  These three events are sacred events in any gypsy girl's life and the dresses are FREAK FABULOUS.  The girls end up looking like a cross between a Disney princess, a drag queen stripper and a pre-Civil War Southern Belle.  For the most part the dresses are tacky as hell, weigh about 70 pounds and are almost impossible to walk in. The show did not share how much one of the dresses cost, but I cannot imagine how these families afford them. 

Besides the crazy dresses, gypsy culture is pretty much riddled with strange ironies.  For instance, the girls are raised to be housewives and to stay chaste and alcohol-free until marriage -- yet, they dress like strippers, pose (clothed) like they are getting test shots for Playboy and wear more make-up than a tranny on Halloween.  It is the strangest juxtaposition of immodesty and 1950s anti-feminist ideals around.  Gypsy and traveller girls typically drop out of school to help out with their large family.  The bride I watched last night, who was 16, had dropped out of school at 11 to help with her 8 siblings and cleaning the house.  The girls typically get married before age 18 and the courtship with their boyfriend/fiance must be chaperoned.  Now, imagine that you are the chaperon for a beefy gypsy guy (they are usually a few years old than their bride) and his fiance, a teen girl wearing a sports bra, booty shorts and more Wet-n-Wild make-up than a junior high dance -- I would want to throw a sweatshirt over the girl.  I'm not a prude in the least, but the juxtaposition of strict religious values and bare midriffs just doesn't seem right.  I'm not saying that I want to see a repeat of the Duggar wardrobe, but seriously, these girls put their bodies on display with a "Look, but don't touch...unless you want to marry me, p.s., I am 14" sign attached.   

Gypsy culture definitely intrigued me.  I am so confused by the rules placed on young girls (the boys don't have any of the same rules), how it is acceptable for them to dress so provocatively and the expectation that every gypsy woman will be a house wife.  As one older gypsy said, "it is bred into us."  Hmmm...  I plan on watching more of these shows.  TLC is also looking for US gypsy and traveller families...so, this should be interesting. 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Really? (or Seriously. Part 2)

Okay, so after blogging about it and then finding out that so many intelligent women also have gotten sucked into this show, I watched Monday night's new episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Have you ever been in a situation that was supposed to be fun or silly and then had it turn out horribly wrong?  For instance, when I was a fun loving second semester senior in college, the hip hop group 112 came to our campus to do a concert.  What brought them to small town (and I mean small) Indiana I will never know, but since they were a one-hit wonder (uh, hello, Peaches and Cream anyone?) at the time they agreed to come and perform in our Division 3 gym.  Anywho, my friends and I did a little prepartying before hand, purchased our $10 tickets at the door and went in to enjoy some good ol' fashioned hip hop fun.  Well, just as it was getting good -- everyone was dancing to a mash-up of Peaches and Cream and some other song I will never remember, the band stopped and asked for a moment of silence for 9/11.  WTF?  Maybe at the beginning that would be appropriate, but in the middle of your only good song?  Really?  The momentum was lost and there were so many people there that were a little past tipsy that it did not go well.  A girl in front of us started giggling and then fell off of her chair.  We left shortly thereafter -- buzz killed. 

That long story mimics what happened to me last night when I finally sat down to watch Monday's Secret Life.  Okay, so a few episodes ago there was a teen wedding (Adrianne and Ben), mainly because Adrianne is pregnant with his baby.  This episode, besides having ALL the other characters talking about having sex, not having sex and marriage, was when Adrianne and Ben were going to have their baby (a girl).  Well, things did NOT work out so well, in fact, the baby ended up being a stillborn.  I know.  WTF?  This is ABC Family.  I really DO NOT understand what demographic this show is shooting for.  So, here I am, giggling away at the atrocious writing and waiting to see the baby and next thing I know there are tears running down my face.  This show is so ridiculous that they threw in a stillbirth. 

There may be an argument for adding realism to the show, but this was just inappropriately serious for this series.  I just cannot imagine a parent sitting and watching this with their tween or teen and not thinking it was crazy town.  Not only are there pregnant married teens, teens that are "going away for a sleepover" that their parents are okay with, teens that get paid for NOT having sex, a down syndrome kid that thinks he is marrying a lady he met on the bus and oh, lest I forget, a very involved guidance counselor played by Beverley Mitchell (as in Lucy from 7th Heaven) -- the writers had to thrown in a horrible tragic birth story?  I'm not sure if they realize this or not, but this show is NOT going to be up for an Emmy.  Ever.

So, that was me last night -- my husband went running and I ate Ritz Bitz sandwiches on the couch crying about a stillbirth on ABC Family.  I will never get that hour back. 

Monday, June 6, 2011


I just happened upon a marathon of the The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family -- I know, I know, what the hell was I doing that I tuned into ABC Family.  Curiosity people.  Has anyone else ever seen this show?  I have seen a few episodes before and basically it is Seventh Heaven but the teens on this show are either having sex, talking about it or railing against it 24/7.  Two of the female characters are pregnant teens (well, to be fair, one already had her baby) and everyone is always talking about getting married --there is NO mention of college.  I'm not even kidding.  The characters on this show cannot have a scene without the word "sex" or some variation of it being spoken oh, about 100 times.  I CANNOT TAKE IT!  But strangely, I keep watching it.  I mean, it is NOT going on my DVR schedule or anything, but give me a few loads of laundry to fold, a napping 13 month old and no work emails to respond to and I will take this over Dr. Phil any day. 

There should be a drinking game - albeit for seriously deranged and prime time starved peeps - that goes like this...take a drink every time someone on the show says the word sex or some variation of it.  This will be more of a drinking challenge than hour of power, plus you will get to crack up at seriously AWFUL writing and plot lines.  Win Win. 

Apparently this show is in its 3rd or 4th season...WTF?  Who is the audience?  I would DEFINITELY not let one of my children watch this show, unless they were over 21 and we were playing the Secret Life drinking game together. 

I also found a new blog that I would highly recommend reading -- it is the blog that I would write if I didn't fear future job prospects and what my great aunts would think.  I love this blog so much that I feel like I should be hired as this girl's PR agent.  Just check it out and you will understand what I am talking about ...www.2birds1blog.com.  I recommend reading the "Fan Favorite" posts.  But don't forget who referred you...keep visiting me too! 

Later skaters. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Summer!

Summer is here (at least in my mind) and I am very very excited.  Cincinnati has had about 3 months of pure monsoon season and I was more than ready for Mr. Sun to make his appearance and warm up the place.  Two weeks ago I was wearing a sweater and fleece (I kid you not) and today I am rocking my summer work wardrobe.  Yipee! 

There are some things that happened in pop culture -- My Fair Brady couple Adrianne Curry and Christoper Knight separated (not sure how they made it this long), Justin Timberlake is rumored to be canoodling with Ashley Olsen, and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are starting a "tween" fashion line (full of short shorts and wedge sandals, I'm sure).  But, who cares about the world of pop right now?  I can't seem to care too much now that the weather is hot and sunny. All of my shows are pretty much wrapped for the season, except for my guilty pleasure  -- The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  More on those crazy gals later.

In the meantime, I am soaking up every opportunity to get outside with my little guy.  Cameron is working on walking...he is toddling, collapsing, crawling and doing it all over again.  I had to find some summer fun activities to do with the kid because his toys get boring after awhile and he gets cranky being inside all the time.  Here is what I have discovered thus far:

1.  We joined the Zoo.  The Cincinnati Zoo is an amazing spot and although Cam is not quite into the animals yet, he does like the fish, manatees and other things that he can focus on up close and personal.  The Cincinnati Zoo is also my current "green" hero as they recently unveiled the largest installation of solar panels around -- enough to power the entire zoo.  I love it!

2.  Sprinkle Parks!  Our county and city has put a bunch of sprinkle parks in recently and they are a fabulous alternative to pools.  I love a pool just as much as the next girl, but my 13 month old (tomorrow he turns 13 months!!!) does not: a) know how to swim or b) appreciate safety precautions.  The sprinkle park is great -- lots of water flowing to keep him cool, no drowning hazards, lots of room to toddle and play with jets of water, bubbling fountains and cool animals that spray you.  We have already visited one twice since this past weekend and he is in heaven there!  He is so preoccupied that he even forgets that he is wearing his sunhat (which he typically hates). 

3.  Ice cream anyone?  Cam discovered that he loves an ice cream cone -- or dish -- or fistful of anything cold.  I don't want to make this a regular activity (he is only 13 months y'all), but I will definitely be treating the both of us to a cone once in awhile. 

I am working on collecting more summer activities in my bag of tricks...parks and picnics will definitely also be on the list. 

Just one question - how do I keep him from rubbing sunscreen in his eyes???  Poor guy did this yesterday and I had the pleasure of listening to him shriek for 1/2 hour.  Stick sunscreen?  Any suggestions are welcome!

Enjoy the weather!