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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of the Girls

A lot of the shows in my current line-up are ending/or have already ended this season -- as in, no more, dunzo, but possibly in syndication.  Among these casualties is United States of Tara which is on Showtime.  I pay extra to get Showtime (granted I have some deal by which it only costs an extra $5 or so a month) and I truly only ever watch one or two shows on that network (the movie selection sucks).  My two Showtime shows are United State of Tara and Weeds.  Now, that one is ending and the other is just getting too damn weird, should I break-up with Showtime?  I'll ponder it, but it may be too much of a hassle, and who knows, I may get into Laura Linney's show, The Big C.  Maybe. 

So, anyway United State of Tara is an amazing show with an amazing lead actress - Toni Collette.  Oh, and my beautiful and talented cousin Joanna was just on the last episode (she was one of the moms at the playground with Charmaine).  This show is about Tara, a wife and mother with DID (multiple personality disorder) and it follows her crazy life living with the "alters," who range from a Vietnam vet, a 50s housewife, a nymphomaniac teenager, a 5 year old girl, a New York psychotherapist and some other strange characters.  The story is a little nuts and the family drama doesn't quit, but Toni's acting chops dominate and are a sight to behold.  She won a well-deserved Golden Globe for the role.  I will miss this show and its great cast -- John Corbett plays her husband, need I say more?  It makes me sad that the smartest shows don't always gain the audience numbers...this one was pretty damn good.

In other news, I am really looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend!  I hope that the weather stays nice and that it doesn't rain the entire time.  Last weekend I was in New York and it was nice one day (short sleeves) and in the 50s the next (I actually bought a coat to wear).  Fickle spring weather.

While I was in New York I saw the movie Bridesmaids.  So. Worth. It.  I laughed out loud more than I have in a long time.  These ladies (Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy) are hilarious and should be on the big screen a LOT more.  My girlfriend and I were dying and the theater was packed -- so hopefully this movie continues to make a ton of money.  It is a little raunchy (not too bad) and very clever.  To make my New York / Bridesmaids experience all that much better at one point my friend nudged me and pointed across the aisle of the theater.  There was literally a guy putting a wee wee pad down on the floor of the theater and putting his tiny purse dog down on the wee wee pad to do its business.  Seriously.  I made my friend take a picture of the who ridiculous scene and she did -- see below.  The fact that this was going on and the look on the guy's face when my friend was taking the picutre only made us laugh harder.  Classic.

So, go see Bridesmaids, enjoy the final moments of United State of Tara and don't a) bring your dog to the movies, or b) put a wee wee pad down on the floor of a theater and not expect to have your picture taken.

Have an awesome long weekend!

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