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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Buzz

T minus 3 days.
I have been sucked in.  Yes, I admit that I have become seduced by the Royal Wedding buzz and I am actually looking forward to Friday.  My office is having a social event where tea and biscuits will be served as the coverage plays in the main conference room -- how civilized of us!  This morning I was watching The Today Show and I swear, you wouldn't know that anything else was happening besides Wills and Kate's impending nuptials (of course there was brief coverage on all the other important news...Libya, Yemen and Lindsay Lohan).  I am curious as to what designer Kate chose for her gown and what all the other fabulous guests will be wearing -- oh, and where in the world are they honeymooning?  I am getting girly girl up in here.  I am kind of pissed that a Royal Wedding did not occur when I was studying abroad in England...that would have been such a bonus. 

Besides the Royal Wedding (like how I capitalize it?), there are other things going on in pop parenthood...Bethenny Frankel sold SkinnyGirl (hope it still tastes as good), LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got married (don't care), Robyn (4th Sister Wife) is preggo (not surprised), and my baby boy is turning 1 in about a week! 

I can't believe Cameron is going to be a year old.  Where did the time go?  It feels like just yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital and fretting about breastfeeding.  Now he eats with his fingers (sometimes), walks while pushing toys around, claps his hands and says "mama," "dada," and "nana."  We are assuming that "nana" is his bonus word to describe, demand and talk about everything else in his world.  Life is clicking by at an amazing pace and I am loving the ride...if only Cam didn't think that 5:45am was his new "rise and shine" time. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, are we really surprised?

I didn't really follow Teen Mom 2, but I did watch the finale episode in which Corey and Leah, the couple with twins from West Virginia, got hitched.  Apparently Leah has now filed for divorce.  If I remember correctly, their wedding took place in the fall...so their marriage is probably not even 6 months old.  I'm not surprised since this couple had a roller coaster time together already -- were together for 1 month before she found out she was knocked up (with twins, no less), then broke up shortly after the twins were born, reconciled some time later and then got married quickly.  I was hoping that they would be able to stay together and have the family they both seemed to want, but teenagers are fickle and these two seemed to be in over their heads.  I just hope that they can maintain a relationship of some sort for the sake of their twin girls (one that has special needs). 

I feel like every season on Teen Mom MTV tries to create one feel-good story.  Catelynn and Tyler were season 1's heartwarming tale and Leah & Corey's journey to marriage seemed to cap off season 2.  I hate seeing people get divorced -- or maybe I should say, I hate seeing people rush into marriage.  These two have a very LONG life of parenting kids ahead of them and I hope that they can figure out what is going to work for them. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Working It

Tina Fey, one of my favorite celebs, is pregnant with her second child (she already has daughter Alice, 5 yrs old).  According to an interview that she did with Oprah (airing April 12 - mental note, set DVR), Tina is five months along and she debated for a long time about having another child.  Right now she is also promoting her new memoir Bossypants, which I am dying to read (in my spare time?).  In her book she talks about the struggle with a work vs. family balance and turning 40 in Hollywood.  I love Tina's down to earth take on things -- she always seems relatable. 

Work vs. Family is the hot topic for working moms.  One of the most difficult things that a mom can face is how to develop her career while still growing and participating fully in her family.  When I was in law school, I was "advised" by the graduating students as to what firms were baby friendly and which were not.  I have even worked at a firm where a partner told an associate that she shouldn't have kids until after she made partner.  It was understood that you did not get on or stay on partnership track if you planned on being a mom.  How could you possibly keep up the demanding hours while pregnant or a new mom?  Was missing tons of your child's events worth it?  As a naive and ambitious law student I thought that would never actually apply to me.  I mean, I knew that I would have children someday, but it felt far away and my biological clock wasn't shouting at me yet.

Over time, my perception of the practice of law changed, my goals shifted and I figured out that, hell, I didn't even really want to be a partner -- at least not at a firm that didn't support family life.  This revelation came before I even had a child.  After leaving a very depressing and toxic workplace and reevaluating my desires for my career, I landed in an amazing job, with a great company that I love working for.  My co-workers welcomed Cameron into the world with the same enthusiasm as family and I have been able to maintain a flexible and realistic schedule.  I am incredibly thankful for where I am now.  But, the issue never goes away.  Not all mothers work for companies that "get it."  America hasn't caught up with the rest of the developed world and doesn't offer adequate maternity leave or benefits for working mothers.  Families just aren't supported by our society as they should be.  There is always the question of what the mother is willing to give up -- time with family or career opportunities.

I get Tina's debate about having a second child and the impact that may have on her career.  When a young woman tells me that she is thinking about going to law school, I always tell her to really think about what she wants out of her law career and why she is doing it.  If you want to be a lawyer and continue to be a lawyer for years,you have to keep practicing...you can't enter the field and expect to go part-time within a year or two or leave for years to raise babies and come back seamlessly.  Although I love what I do, I sometimes wish I had gotten to see what reality looks like for a full-time working mom with a demanding career. 

The work vs. family issue is not going away and it is something that tons of mothers grapple with.  Tina just happens to be in the spotlight.  I am glad that she made the decision to have another child at 40, despite the fact that it could impact movie roles and job opportunities (which is an entirely different issue!).  Her rationale -- "What's so great about work anyway?  Work won't visit you when you're old.  Work won't drive you to get mammogram and take you out after for soup."  So true.  
Congratulations Tina!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Definition of Insanity

I've heard people say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Well...I must be insane because I traveled with Cameron again, expecting (praying, actually) that things would go smoother than the last time.  This time it was a quick two night trip to the Big Easy (one of my favorite US destinations) for my beautiful cousin's wedding.  I figured that since there wasn't much of a time change (only 1 hr) and he seemed healthy, that this trip would go better ...and while aspects of it did (no trip to urgent care, although we did see the doctor since we are both sick now that we are home), I have no come to the conclusion that my son HATES pack-n-plays.  He is over them like jeggings.  My husband and I are not planning any travel until Cam can actually understand what that means...and hopefully get excited about staying in a hotel room.  Overall, it was a good trip and Cameron loved all that New Orleans had to offer -- street car rides, people watching, warm weather and even a dip in the chilly hotel pool. 

I've been catching up on the many shows clogging my DVR and have some comments:

1.  Sister Wives -- well, it got kookier.  Not only are these good, tax-paying polygamists out in society now, but Kody's (the husband) dad (also a practicing polygamist) and his two wives are also now "out" in society (if you can call the vast country side of Wyoming "society").  Here is the kooky part -- Kody's dad's second wife is Janelle's mother.  Who is Janelle you ask, and why do you care?  See left.  Well, Jenelle is Kody's second wife.  Now, I have to be clear that Janelle's mother married Kody's dad right before Kody married Janelle, so it is not like they were raised together and fell in love in some kind of Big Love scandal.  But...still...really?

2.  Bethenny Ever After - I have a trip planned to NYC in the next few months for a girls weekend.  What else am I going to do while I am there?  Covertly and discreetly try to get a Bethenny sighting (or at least someone tangentially related to her).  Yes, I am more infatuated with Bethenny, Jason, Cookie, Bryn, Gina, Julie and the rest of the gang than ever.  I have been watching each episode with a smile plastered on my face, laughing out loud and getting teary eyed at the same time.  If you just saw a snippet of the show, you would think that she was just a sarcastic comedienne with no depth...but as soon as you see the rest of the show you see that she truly lays it ALL out there.  From her therapy sessions to her family moments with Jason and Brynn, this girl is a delight to watch.  I do have to admit that I am a bit skeptical about her joining Ice Skating with the Stars (mainly b/c I already know that it bombed), but I'm sure she will deliver some amazing comedic and touching moments as she works it out skating.  I love that during her first session on the rink she totally calls out her skating partner for his failing to make the Olympics.  If she had a filter the show wouldn't work.  She is on tonight and I CANNOT wait!!!!

Later skaters.