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Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Back!

This Monday the second episode of Bethenny Ever After aired on Bravo.  The first episode was funny, but a bit slow (synopsis: Bethenny gets herself a new bra and finds herself like a 30E - I'm officially jealous, she, Jason & Bryn visit Jason's parents and drama about Bethenny's family history ensues) -- don't get me wrong, I still hung on her every word during the first episode and her rapid fire quips are still spot on.  For example, when Jason takes her to a dive bar and she gets hit on by a drunk townie, she tells Jason that she feels like she is "Jodie Foster in The Accused."   She is quick-- lightning quick -- and I can't get enough of it.

Now, the second episode that aired Monday had me laughing much more and it also moved faster.  First off, Bethenny could probably sell me anything (as everyone knows, I am a huge fan of her SkinnyGirl Margaritas), so hopefully her skin care line will be reasonably priced.  Second, can we please be friends.  One of my favorite lines of this episode was when she and Jason were arguing --once again -- about visiting his family and he asks her why everything has to be a conversation and why she makes things so hard and she says matter-of-factly, "Because I am a difficult human being."  Love it.  I have my own moments of being a difficult human being and I get it...

In this episode she also surprised her assistant Julie with a makeover on the Rachael Ray Show.  It was so cute and it was obvious how much Bethenny wanted to do something nice for Julie.  Can I also say how hilarious the combo of Bethenny, Jason and baby nurse Gina is?  What?  The dynamic is amazing.  I also love how Cookie the dog is featured in every episode, generally lazing around or nipping some visitors ankles.  Oh, and I hope that throughout this season that Bethenny gains a little weight...she is painfully thin and maybe part of her being a difficult human being comes from being HUNGRY. 

Baby Bryn was born 5 days after Cameron, so I feel a kinship with Bethenny that we have babies the same age.  It is intriguing to me to see Bethenny try to juggle it all -- fame, new marriage, motherhood, work -- and she even admits that it is much harder than she thought it was going to be.  I know that she has help (apparently lots of it), but I can relate to the feelings of being overwhelmed by it all.  All of it -- marriage, motherhood, everyday living, work -- takes it out of a person.  Some days, by the end of the day, after I have wiped down the counter top for the 1000000th time that day, I just want to crawl into an alternate world that is just about ME for 1 hr. -- without disappointing anyone, without sacrificing the valuable alone time I have with my husband after Cam is asleep, and without neglecting that one last chore of the day.  For Bethenny, even though a lot of what she does during the day is actually about HER, albeit business, it still takes a lot to juggle being a new mom, new wife and the inevitable guilt that comes when she is away from her family. 

I look forward to watching the rest of this season -- she is awesome, Jason is a doll and Baby Bryn is the cutest!  Maybe she and Cameron will meet in college, get married and I can be in-laws with Bethenny and Jason...you never know!

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