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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mommy Minded

Today I left for my first business trip since having Cameron...and I already miss him.  I hardly ever have to travel for work and this trip was spur of the moment.  I have been fortunate that for the first 10 months of Cam's life, I haven't had to leave him overnight and although I am absolutely CERTAIN that my husband is completely capable and well-suited to care for him while I am away, I still felt the need to remind him of any idiosyncrasy of Cam's that I could think of.  For example, he likes to hold a burp cloth when he goes down for bed, or I feed him a baby food with more protein in it for dinner, or to give him a spoon to hold when you feed him or he will try to grab yours.  It is all the little tips and tricks that I have learned while staying home with Cam a couple days a week and being his primary caregiver.  I'm sure he will have a blast with Daddy and his grandmother (who is generously helping out), but I will miss him and I hope he will miss me too.  I can't wait to get home and see how he reacts -- I'm hoping for a baby bear hug like he sometimes gives me.  Those always make me swoon.

I was reading the news today and two pregnancy related headlines caught my eye:

1.  "Pregnant Jewel Hit by a Fire Truck" ---uh, how could this NOT catch my eye?  Poor Jewel was apparently in her Cadillac and was out driving in Texas and was hit by a fire truck!  She is pregnant (not sure how far along, but definitely showing) and after being checked out, it was confirmed that she and the baby are just fine.  How scary!  Being in a car accident was one of my worst fears while I was pregnant.  I am glad that she is okay.  Jewel was quoted crediting her safety to her Cadillac SRX and saying that it absorbed all of the damage and she would definitely get another one.  I'm sure that Cadillac is thankful for the free advertising...

2.  "Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting a Boy This Summer" --- So, Josh (23) and Anna (22) Duggar are expecting a baby boy this June.  They already have Mackynzie (17 months) and are planning to have a home birth for this child.  Apparently, they let Michelle Duggar find out the sex of the baby (without them knowing) and then had her announce it to everyone all at once (cameras were there, I'm sure).  I am a fan of the Duggar family in general and I hope that everything continues to go smoothly with Anna's pregnancy and the birth of their second child.   But -- you knew it was coming -- she is 22 years old!!!  Having a second child!!!  I just cannot fathom it.  Granted, she seems older than 22 and she is married, but seriously...she will be a grandmother by 40 if Mackynzie takes the same path. 

3.  "David and Victoria Beckham Expecting a Girl" --- Becks and Posh are expecting a little pink bundle of joy this July to join their 3 boys!  I am so happy for them, because I can imagine that there were a few sets of fingers (and toes) crossed wishing for a baby girl.  She needed a "mini-me" to carry on her fashion icon legacy...imagine the dress up sessions that little girl Beckham will have.  I'm jealous! 

I have a new episode of Sister Wives on the DVR to watch when I return home, so I will report on that later this week.  Happy Monday everyone!

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