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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March On.

I admit that February was lacking in posts, but that was mainly because there was NOTHING to blog about...and I was either on vacation, sick or stressing the entire month.  However, March is here and Bethenny is back and the Brown family (TLC's Sister Wives) reappear on March 13th -- so, needless to say, I will have PLENTY to blog about in March.

To end February, I watched the Oscars (and pre-show) and I was bored out of my skull.  I'm not sure what genius picked James Franco to co-host with Anne Hathaway, but there was zero chemistry between the two and James looked nervous/burnt out/bored/scared the entire time.  The best line he said was when he ad-libbed after Melissa Leo threw the f-bomb and said, "Congratu-f-ing-lations Melissa."  He actually looked real (he was smirking) when he said that.  Anne Hathaway looked beautiful and poised, but she had no comic foil in James.  Anne could have been a lot funnier with a different co-host.  It was just not a good pairing.  If I am going to stay up (which I didn't) and watch a bunch of rich people get awards for working, then it should at least be entertaining.

Also, I just shook my head with Melissa Leo's acceptance speech.  First off, pull it together lady, you were favored to win, so don't act soooo surprised.  It just came off as disingenuous.  Not impressed.  Also, dropping the f-bomb is kind of funny, but again, it just came off so stupid...uh, hello, if you are the favored actress, you should have a speech prepared and tucked into your dress somewhere.  Oh, and kudos to Kirk Douglas getting up and presenting, but I couldn't watch for fear of him collapsing on stage or forgetting where he was...uh, it was painful, like watching Dick Clark on New Years.  

After watching the Oscars I went to bed and my son apparently thought he was going to an Oscar after-party because he got up at about 11pm ready to rock it out...intermittently crying, babbling, giggling (like a true Oscar winner) and NOT sleeping.  He has been doing this thing lately where he does not sleep through the night without needing a mid-night (or 3am) snack.  Is this common for a 9-10 month old?  Before this he was sleeping like Charlie Sheen after a drug binge (11-12 hours each night) and now he wakes up and needs to eat.  Growth spurt?  I really don't want this to become a habit because he was such a good sleeper before.  Any advice? 

I DVR'd the premiere of Bethenny Ever After and cannot wait to watch it tonight.  I am especially interested since her daughter is just a few days younger than Cam... 

I also have some Real Police Women of Cincinnati to catch up on.  Those gals are tough and I love to watch them...although it does make Cincinnati look like we have about 6 smart people in the entire city.  Did anyone see the one where there were two guys riding a makeshift moped through Over the Rhine?  I want to make sure that people know...they were from Kentucky.  Just kidding to all of my Kentucky peeps (but, seriously, they weren't from Cincy). 

Later skaters.

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