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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New World

As I watch Cameron discover things on his own as only an almost 11 month old can, I wonder what life will be like for him in 10, 15 or 20 years.  It is a given that he will know (probably before he can talk) what a cell phone is and how to use one, he will understand the concept of DVR and on-demand television (which I am sure he will demand quite often) and he will inevitably wonder why all computers are not touch screen (perfect for little chubby baby hands).  Sure, technology has come a long way since I was a kid (anyone remember the cell phone that came in a portable briefcase), but what about the other kid / teen things I encountered back in the 80s and 90s?  Will trying cigarettes still be "rebellious" or "cool" for teens?  I sure hope not (and I bet a cigarette will cost a small fortune by then anyway), but what will replace that cigarette?  Harder drugs?  Something not even invented?  Or, gasp, Miley Cyrus's salvia? 

Right now, he enjoys the simple act of swinging at the playground. 

I don't worry about these unknown perils that Cam will face, but I do try to understand where the world is today when it comes to kids and teens.  When I was growing up MTV was NOT how it is now...the raciest thing shown was The Real World and I am talking Real World San Francisco -- where everyone stayed pretty much fully clothed the entire time.  And now, if I happen to catch a Real World episode it leads me to believe that the "real world" is full of drunken nymphomaniacs with preposterous names.  I walk by clothing stores meant for teens (uh, abercrombie) and when I am finished choking from the cologne literally being pumped through vents into the mall, I marvel at how tiny the clothing is...and not because it is meant to fit little bodies, but because things are just extra tiny these days -- short and tight.  When I was in high school I went to this same store and bought a henley and a pair of jeans (size 2, which in today's cut would be a size 6) and these were the "must have" items.  At my high school we could not wear tank tops and if we were wearing shorts, the length had to be as long as where our finger tips hit when holding our arms down at our sides.  I don't know what school dress code is today, but I don't think that many of the items in the juniors department would meet the standard.  Remember Eastland shoes and the crazy coil laces thing we used to do?  Well, at work the other day a few of us were joking about Eastlands and a co-worker had NO idea what we were talking about...she is 23.  What is the world coming to? 

**I just re-read what I had written and now I feel incredibly old. 

Anyway, as a mother, I just wonder what I will fight about with Cameron in the future and I hope it isn't too scandalous or dangerous.  I hope that I can give him the tools to be successful and make good choices.  Because the world today is different -- polygamy is out in the open, being a glee club may be considered the hot thing to do, and a young singer from Canada has captivated the world with his hair.  Stars like Elizabeth Taylor (rest in peace) and Michael Jackson are gone now -- and I'm just not sure if there are worthy replacements out there.    

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mommy Minded

Today I left for my first business trip since having Cameron...and I already miss him.  I hardly ever have to travel for work and this trip was spur of the moment.  I have been fortunate that for the first 10 months of Cam's life, I haven't had to leave him overnight and although I am absolutely CERTAIN that my husband is completely capable and well-suited to care for him while I am away, I still felt the need to remind him of any idiosyncrasy of Cam's that I could think of.  For example, he likes to hold a burp cloth when he goes down for bed, or I feed him a baby food with more protein in it for dinner, or to give him a spoon to hold when you feed him or he will try to grab yours.  It is all the little tips and tricks that I have learned while staying home with Cam a couple days a week and being his primary caregiver.  I'm sure he will have a blast with Daddy and his grandmother (who is generously helping out), but I will miss him and I hope he will miss me too.  I can't wait to get home and see how he reacts -- I'm hoping for a baby bear hug like he sometimes gives me.  Those always make me swoon.

I was reading the news today and two pregnancy related headlines caught my eye:

1.  "Pregnant Jewel Hit by a Fire Truck" ---uh, how could this NOT catch my eye?  Poor Jewel was apparently in her Cadillac and was out driving in Texas and was hit by a fire truck!  She is pregnant (not sure how far along, but definitely showing) and after being checked out, it was confirmed that she and the baby are just fine.  How scary!  Being in a car accident was one of my worst fears while I was pregnant.  I am glad that she is okay.  Jewel was quoted crediting her safety to her Cadillac SRX and saying that it absorbed all of the damage and she would definitely get another one.  I'm sure that Cadillac is thankful for the free advertising...

2.  "Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting a Boy This Summer" --- So, Josh (23) and Anna (22) Duggar are expecting a baby boy this June.  They already have Mackynzie (17 months) and are planning to have a home birth for this child.  Apparently, they let Michelle Duggar find out the sex of the baby (without them knowing) and then had her announce it to everyone all at once (cameras were there, I'm sure).  I am a fan of the Duggar family in general and I hope that everything continues to go smoothly with Anna's pregnancy and the birth of their second child.   But -- you knew it was coming -- she is 22 years old!!!  Having a second child!!!  I just cannot fathom it.  Granted, she seems older than 22 and she is married, but seriously...she will be a grandmother by 40 if Mackynzie takes the same path. 

3.  "David and Victoria Beckham Expecting a Girl" --- Becks and Posh are expecting a little pink bundle of joy this July to join their 3 boys!  I am so happy for them, because I can imagine that there were a few sets of fingers (and toes) crossed wishing for a baby girl.  She needed a "mini-me" to carry on her fashion icon legacy...imagine the dress up sessions that little girl Beckham will have.  I'm jealous! 

I have a new episode of Sister Wives on the DVR to watch when I return home, so I will report on that later this week.  Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Back!

This Monday the second episode of Bethenny Ever After aired on Bravo.  The first episode was funny, but a bit slow (synopsis: Bethenny gets herself a new bra and finds herself like a 30E - I'm officially jealous, she, Jason & Bryn visit Jason's parents and drama about Bethenny's family history ensues) -- don't get me wrong, I still hung on her every word during the first episode and her rapid fire quips are still spot on.  For example, when Jason takes her to a dive bar and she gets hit on by a drunk townie, she tells Jason that she feels like she is "Jodie Foster in The Accused."   She is quick-- lightning quick -- and I can't get enough of it.

Now, the second episode that aired Monday had me laughing much more and it also moved faster.  First off, Bethenny could probably sell me anything (as everyone knows, I am a huge fan of her SkinnyGirl Margaritas), so hopefully her skin care line will be reasonably priced.  Second, can we please be friends.  One of my favorite lines of this episode was when she and Jason were arguing --once again -- about visiting his family and he asks her why everything has to be a conversation and why she makes things so hard and she says matter-of-factly, "Because I am a difficult human being."  Love it.  I have my own moments of being a difficult human being and I get it...

In this episode she also surprised her assistant Julie with a makeover on the Rachael Ray Show.  It was so cute and it was obvious how much Bethenny wanted to do something nice for Julie.  Can I also say how hilarious the combo of Bethenny, Jason and baby nurse Gina is?  What?  The dynamic is amazing.  I also love how Cookie the dog is featured in every episode, generally lazing around or nipping some visitors ankles.  Oh, and I hope that throughout this season that Bethenny gains a little weight...she is painfully thin and maybe part of her being a difficult human being comes from being HUNGRY. 

Baby Bryn was born 5 days after Cameron, so I feel a kinship with Bethenny that we have babies the same age.  It is intriguing to me to see Bethenny try to juggle it all -- fame, new marriage, motherhood, work -- and she even admits that it is much harder than she thought it was going to be.  I know that she has help (apparently lots of it), but I can relate to the feelings of being overwhelmed by it all.  All of it -- marriage, motherhood, everyday living, work -- takes it out of a person.  Some days, by the end of the day, after I have wiped down the counter top for the 1000000th time that day, I just want to crawl into an alternate world that is just about ME for 1 hr. -- without disappointing anyone, without sacrificing the valuable alone time I have with my husband after Cam is asleep, and without neglecting that one last chore of the day.  For Bethenny, even though a lot of what she does during the day is actually about HER, albeit business, it still takes a lot to juggle being a new mom, new wife and the inevitable guilt that comes when she is away from her family. 

I look forward to watching the rest of this season -- she is awesome, Jason is a doll and Baby Bryn is the cutest!  Maybe she and Cameron will meet in college, get married and I can be in-laws with Bethenny and Jason...you never know!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cincinnati is the new Hollywood.


I used to live in LA where craft service trailers and paparazzi clogging the streets were pretty much an every day occurrence for TV and movie location shooting.  When I moved to the Midwest, far away from the entertainment industry, I figured those days were over -- even if Nick Lachey is from my hometown and sometimes graces a Bengals game with his presence.  Well, not so fast -- Cincinnati is apparently the center of entertainment hub-bub these days!  First, our queen city is featured on The Real Police Women of Cincinnati, which I admit makes us look a tad bit ghetto, but it still puts us in the national spot light (at least on TLC).  Then, we have George Clooney's upcoming movie, Ides of March filming right here in town!  The square in my neighborhood was a mess with movie trailers one day AND George's co-stars, Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood made a visit to the world famous Cincinnati Zoo on a day off from filming!  Uhhh, why wasn't I invited?  I can't wait to see this movie, if only to eagle eye Cincinnati locations in the background.  Other movies that were filmed in Cincinnati include: Milk Money, Little Man Tate, and Traffic.  And last, but not least, our own Mayor Mallory will be in disguise on Undercover Boss this Sunday night!  Granted, his appearance on this show may again expose some of Cincinnati's weaknesses, but nevertheless, Cincinnati is the apparently the place for reality TV!

I also heard that Nick Lachey is moving back to town...I'm sure that it will be like a 2nd or 3rd home to visit for him, but still -- maybe he and I will share a beer a block party someday.  Maybe his and Vanessa's spawn will attend preschool with mine...you never know!

 Two cuties loving the Cincinnati life...   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March On.

I admit that February was lacking in posts, but that was mainly because there was NOTHING to blog about...and I was either on vacation, sick or stressing the entire month.  However, March is here and Bethenny is back and the Brown family (TLC's Sister Wives) reappear on March 13th -- so, needless to say, I will have PLENTY to blog about in March.

To end February, I watched the Oscars (and pre-show) and I was bored out of my skull.  I'm not sure what genius picked James Franco to co-host with Anne Hathaway, but there was zero chemistry between the two and James looked nervous/burnt out/bored/scared the entire time.  The best line he said was when he ad-libbed after Melissa Leo threw the f-bomb and said, "Congratu-f-ing-lations Melissa."  He actually looked real (he was smirking) when he said that.  Anne Hathaway looked beautiful and poised, but she had no comic foil in James.  Anne could have been a lot funnier with a different co-host.  It was just not a good pairing.  If I am going to stay up (which I didn't) and watch a bunch of rich people get awards for working, then it should at least be entertaining.

Also, I just shook my head with Melissa Leo's acceptance speech.  First off, pull it together lady, you were favored to win, so don't act soooo surprised.  It just came off as disingenuous.  Not impressed.  Also, dropping the f-bomb is kind of funny, but again, it just came off so stupid...uh, hello, if you are the favored actress, you should have a speech prepared and tucked into your dress somewhere.  Oh, and kudos to Kirk Douglas getting up and presenting, but I couldn't watch for fear of him collapsing on stage or forgetting where he was...uh, it was painful, like watching Dick Clark on New Years.  

After watching the Oscars I went to bed and my son apparently thought he was going to an Oscar after-party because he got up at about 11pm ready to rock it out...intermittently crying, babbling, giggling (like a true Oscar winner) and NOT sleeping.  He has been doing this thing lately where he does not sleep through the night without needing a mid-night (or 3am) snack.  Is this common for a 9-10 month old?  Before this he was sleeping like Charlie Sheen after a drug binge (11-12 hours each night) and now he wakes up and needs to eat.  Growth spurt?  I really don't want this to become a habit because he was such a good sleeper before.  Any advice? 

I DVR'd the premiere of Bethenny Ever After and cannot wait to watch it tonight.  I am especially interested since her daughter is just a few days younger than Cam... 

I also have some Real Police Women of Cincinnati to catch up on.  Those gals are tough and I love to watch them...although it does make Cincinnati look like we have about 6 smart people in the entire city.  Did anyone see the one where there were two guys riding a makeshift moped through Over the Rhine?  I want to make sure that people know...they were from Kentucky.  Just kidding to all of my Kentucky peeps (but, seriously, they weren't from Cincy). 

Later skaters.