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Friday, February 4, 2011

From TLC to E!

This week E! premiered Kate Gosselin's True Hollywood Story and I of course DVR'd it -- and early this morning (thanks to my little alarm clock named Cameron), I watched it.  Ever since Kate Gosselin's rise to fame (or infamy), I have been interested in knowing more about her life before she sold her soul to reality television.  More specifically, I wanted to know about her childhood, her courtship with Jon, their newlywed days, etc. because I know about what happened next...I think most of America is familiar with what I will term the hot mess of 2009.  So, if you are like me and are curious about Kate's life pre-TLC madness, don't bother watching her E! THS.  The show barely touched on her early life or her early marriage with Jon.  There were no interviews with ex-boyfriends or former best friends or former co-workers.  There was a brief explanation of her childhood growing up in a campground/trailer park in rural Pennsylvania and how that experience of having very little money caused her to value having lots of money.  E! presented a time line of Jon and Kate's first TV interviews re: being pregnant with sextuplets and how they were featured on a Discovery network show called Surviving Sextuplets and Twins (saw it when it aired) and then how that show developed into a follow-up episode and then crossed over into a regular series called Jon and Kate Plus 8.  

The show also touched on how Kate and Jon were really supported by donations and charity in the early days after the sextuplets were born and how the chance to do the one episode of Surviving Sextuplets and Twins was really just a way for them to survive while Jon wasn't working full-time.  People interviewed (mainly a local TV news reporter from their area and some tabloid biographers) talked about how Kate was picky with donations and really only wanted specific types of hand-outs (i.e. grocery gift cards, etc.).  Apparently there was a local grocery store that also dedicated a parking space to Jon and Kate and whenever someone else was parked in it and Kate needed to use it, she would go into the store and demand that whoever was parked there move their car.  Does this surprise me?  No.  Can I say that all of my post-baby behavior has been free of craziness and drama?  No.  Do I think that the parking space business is a little much?  Yes.  Can I totally blame her?  Not really -- because I don't have 8 kids at home.  Although, let me say that this supposedly happened when she had 8 kids under 4 at home, and if she pulled this crap today I would hope that someone would kick her in the caboose with her own wedge heel.

After talking about how Jon and Kate ended up with a series and how the series is so very staged --- including staging a fake Christmas morning wherein the children were actually led to believe it was actually Christmas and then were later told that it wasn't really Christmas and that there would be another one coming soon...wow.  That is pretty sad -- tricking the kids to make a buck.  So when one of the kids gets arrested later in life (c'mon the odds are against them), he or she can tell Jon and Kate that it wasn't a real arrest and that the next one is the one that counts.

The last third of the show focused on Jon and Kate's divorce and Kate's turn on Dancing with the Stars.  We all know how that ended -- Jon looking completely ridiculous and pathetic and Kate tragically dancing her way towards more publicity.  Kate's appearance has changed drastically since her first television appearance -- she has gone from dowdy to glam.  After her televised tummy tuck, teeth whitening and exercise regime, she has come a long way from the mom from Wyommissing, PA.  Here is a picture of Kate from last month while in Australia, taping Kate Plus 8.  Will her show ever NOT be about her going on vacation with her kids?

I wonder what Kate would do if she had the chance to do it all over again...

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