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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, that didn't take long...

Jesse James is diving into marriage again.  This time with 28 year old tattoo artist and star of LA Ink, Kat Von D (what does the D stand for?).  With his divorce from Sandra Bullock just finalized last June, he sure isn't wasting any time.  In fact, it was less than a year ago that the news broke about his affairs and Sandra ended up leaving him.  Frankly, this whole story makes me a little ill.  I am happy for Sandra because she obviously got away from a very unstable man and has seemed to move on, but I am still repulsed by Jesse's behavior and feel sorry for his children.  This has got to be a roller coaster ride for them.  How many times will Dad get married?  How many step-mommies will I have?  On another note, I did not know that Kat Von D was younger than me...disturbing.     

What a lovely couple.  How many tats do the two of them have combined?  Yes, the math will make your head explode.

Another thing that made me grimace today (and I could just be in a bad mood b/c of all the darn snow) was the headline "Five Things to Know About Jodie Sweetin's Fiance."  There are so many things wrong with this story -- 1.  the words "to know" imply that I want to know about Jodie Sweetin's fiance; 2.  there are five things too many; and 3.  why is Jodie Sweetin still in the press.  Give me a break, all this girl does is get pregnant and get married (and divorced)...oh, and recover from addiction (which I am not mocking, but just saying that is what she has been known for lately). 

If you are even slightly curious about this dude named Morty (no joke), here is the gem of the little known facts about Stephanie Tanner's betrothed..."He didn't watch his future sweetie on Full House."  Definitely a news worthy factlet.   Also, by the picture he looks significantly older and possibly an extra on a show like Brothers and Sisters.  Just sayin. 

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