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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Trip to the Shore

Last night as I was finally folding the baby clothes that had languished in the dryer for days, I tuned into a re-run of Jersey Shore.  This was my first experience with the Guido gang and I have to say, I understand (kind of) the obsession with this show.  The episode I caught was the "Free Snooki" episode where she gets arrested for being fantastically and publicly intoxicated --during broad daylight no less and then is released from jail and decides that she is depressed (so she spends one night not going out)...until she meets a new guy. 

P.S. - This is a good picture of her...on the show she typically looks like she rolled out of a truck stop bathroom and put on her bump-it and make-up in a sauna.

I mean, this episode ran the full emotional gamut -- destructive drunk --> confused sobriety                          --> contemplative cigarette smoking --> hop into bed with someone new hopefulness.

My favorite parts of the episode were:
1.  When JWOWW (ummm, okay) calls Snooki's father and actually says to him, "Is this Snook's dad?" Really?  and
2.  When Snooki calls her dad to tell him about her arrest and release.  She doesn't really understand why he is disappointed in her...she even says, "It's not like I murdered someone."  Snooki then gets all upset / depressed (i.e. sober) about her dad being disappointed in her.  Really?  That is what she is worried about?  How about having a police record?  An STD? Skin cancer? Bed bugs?  All very plausible scenarios.  Oh, I can think of a lot of other things to be concerned about.    

I also found it interesting that her father was pretty lenient on her...I mean, yes, Snooks is technically an adult and yes, her father has to know that she is bound to get arrested  in her line of work (drunken, slutty reality star).  What is he really going to say?  His parenting cred was gone long ago... 

If my son ever went on a reality show like this, there would be much more than disappointment thrown his way.  As entertaining as these people are, no one really aspires for their children to grow up to be like them...it is more like a cautionary tale.  A trainwreck that I will enjoy watching while my boring 30 year-old self folds laundry while wearing a snuggie.  No, my snuggie is not leopard print...

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