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Monday, January 10, 2011

Totally Tubular

Tubes are in and baby is fine.  He actually rebounded better than I thought he would and wanted to play with his toys when we got home instead of nap...Mommy did not like this because she was up at 5:15am to report to the hospital.  He is napping now - thank goodness.  I am working on my laptop and half-listening to my new favorite show - House Hunters.  Life is good.

I was just reading that Victoria Beckham is expecting her fourth child -- I wonder if this one was a last ditch effort to have a baby girl.  She has three boys (Brooklyn - 11, Romeo- 8 and Cruz - 5 1/2) and she is 36 years old.  I never tuned into the Beckham's reality show, but I do like them as a couple -- mainly because there isn't a lot of scandal surrounding them and they have been together for a long time.  I hope she gets her baby girl -- she definitely needs to pass on her sense of style to someone.  Congratulations Posh and Becks!

Reading about the Beckham's impending arrival reminded me of the lavish christening they had for Brooklyn and Romeo.  Supposedly the Beckhams built a gothic-style chapel on the grounds of their Hertfordshire estate to use for the baptisms of their sons.  A little much, huh?  Maybe they would argue that this was the only way that their family could have privacy for these important events...and I'm sure that there is some truth in that.  Cam's baptism is this weekend and I'm relatively certain that there will not be paparazzi there, but just in case, I'm not disclosing the time or location (Ha!).   

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