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Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's Enough, Mr. Snow

Remember when you were young(er) and the day before a big snow storm got you all excited because school would most likely be cancelled and you could spend the day sledding, watching movies and drinking hot chocolate?  Well, as a working adult / parent the reality of a "snow day" goes something like this...

1.  Wake up extra early so that you can immediately turn on the television to get the latest news on the snow, traffic and school / business closings. 
2.  Realizing that traffic / accidents / weather is only going to get worse the longer you wait to get on the road, begin rushing around the house trying to get out the door to risk your life on the roads as soon as possible. 
3.  Become frustrated at the lack of definitive news relating to the weather and roads.
4.  Become bitter that your place of business would rather have your risk your life than heaven forbid, work from home.
5.  Pack snow boots, ice scraper, extra food for child, extra layers for you and child and all of your normal everyday bags into the car, which is hopefully started and warming up...
6.  Drop child at daycare (which never closes) and get to work to find that half of the employees have called in because their children do not have school.
7.  Anxiously check weather reports and road conditions all day while trying to get work done.
8.  Try to explain to your boss why you are leaving early, even though he/she plans on spending the night at the office if needed and has four wheel drive in his/her car.
9.  Slide down roads to get your baby at daycare to find that the parking lot is snow covered. 
10.  Pack baby in the car, say a prayer and get into a traffic nightmare in the middle of which you will sit for approximately 2 hours to go 7 miles home.  At least you will be taking it slow...
11.  Listen to baby start crying after 40 minutes.  Start crying yourself after first hour.

It is a bit difference from those carefree days of childhood when snow day meant a freedom.  So, Mr. Snow please go away.  Now.   

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