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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Ray of Hope

The amazing story of Carlina White -- the girl who went missing in 1987 at 19 days old and was recently reunited with her parents after 23 years -- gives hope new meaning.  This story makes me smile because although Carlina (named Nejdra by her kidnapper) missed experiencing childhood with her birth parents, she now gets to know them as an adult.  Carlina suspected that she did not belong to her "mother" Ann Pettway, a suspicion that grew when she asked for a copy of her birth certificate and Pettway couldn't deliver.  Right around Christmas, Carlina called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's hotline and started the search -- informing the call operator that she believed that she was the "missing person" and that her parents were out there looking for her.  I cannot imagine the joy/shock/awe/thankfulness that her birth parents feel knowing that their little girl is alive and well.  I am so happy for this family that they are now reunited and can experience life together. 

When Cameron was born, a security bracelet (looked like the kind Lindsay Lohan had to wear when under house arrest...just kidding) was placed on his teeny tiny ankle.  The bracelet would set off a series of alarms which would lock down parts of the hospital if he was taken through the doors of the maternity ward still wearing it.  Even though he roomed in with me after he was born, it made me feel better knowing that all sorts of precautions were being taken by the hospital to ensure his safety. 

The Carlina White story gives hope that maybe some of children who have gone missing are still out there, just living with other people.  Does anyone remember that book The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney?  It was definitely a middle school read, but a good one.  Synopsis: Jane sees a little girl's picture on a milk carton and it brings up memories of her childhood.  She figures out that she is Jennie Spring, the girl on the milk carton.  The decision of whether to meet and form a relationship with her biological family forces her to deal with lots of questions and emotions.  This story reminds me of that book, except that Carlina White is real and kidnapping isn't on par with a Babysitter's Club type of issue... 


  1. Okay, not a funny topic, but hilarious I read that book and know exactly what you are talking about.

    Hey, pop mama did you see the 12 year old pregnant girl on policewomen of cincinnati last week? Love that show.

  2. i know, Dave and I cannot stop talking about the 12 year old pregnant girl and the 28 year old grandmother!!!! Love that show...enough that if they do an appearance somewhere, I will probably go...

  3. Read the book AND saw the movie, my friend. It stars Kelly Martin of Life Goes On. Oh bla dee. Oh bla da. ~Beth