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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring it on 2011!

Happy New Year!  I have been MIA for a little while now, no excuse except for the crazy holidays and a sick baby, but I'm BACK and ready to blog through 2011.  Although the past year was a mere moment in time, it was a big year for me (you know, becoming a mom and all that jazz) and a big one for pop culture (Betty White made a comeback for goodness sakes!).  I am thankful for all the blessings of 2010, but I am also ready to continue my adventure in 2011. 

First things first - Cameron is getting ear tubes!  It was bound to happen and hopefully it will cure his recurrent ear infections and make our household a little less of an infirmary.  I am anxious for the surgery -- mainly for the anesthetic -- but I know he will be in good hands.  After next week he will have new and improved ear canals...or something like that.

Secondly - the end of 2010 came with some interesting bits of pop culture news...

1.  Natalie Portman is engaged and expecting.  Now, do you think that the engagement came before or after the positive pee stick?  Just asking...  Congratulations to Natalie and her fiancee, choreographer Benjamin Millepied.  I have yet to see Black Swan, but it is on my list of movies...(chances are that I will not see it until it is On Demand because I rarely get out to the movies anymore and when I do, it is on a date with my husband and I truly doubt that he is going to be itching to see a ballet thriller).  Natalie has been one of my favorite actresses since I saw her in The Professional. This little baby is sure to be a cutie.

2.   Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth (talent agent) are engaged.  Congratulations!  I was slightly surprised by this news, as I have thought of Reese as "trigger shy" on the marriage issue since she dated Jake Gyllenhaal seriously for years but never tied the knot.  I always love when the press goes to the ex-spouse for a comment...I mean, what is he or she going to say?  "That guy isn't as hot as me."  Well, just to be clear, Ryan Phillippe is "very happy for both Reese and Jim."

3.  David Arquette entered rehab.  Interesting.  Not entirely surprising after his behavior post-split from Courteney Cox.  I hope he can pull it together and then they can get back together and have a Hollywood ending.

Third - during my holiday hiatus I discovered the following:

1.  HGTV.  I knew it was there, but had never watched regularly.  For about two days I became completely obsessed with House Hunters International.  Then, I started watching Selling New York and Property Virgins.  I am addicted.  

2.  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  This was inevitable.  During a holiday marathon of the newest installment of the vapid, materialistic and totally engaging series, I caught up with Kyle, Camille, Lisa, Taylor, Kim and Adrienne.  I find it so intriguing how the women on these shows can fight about almost anything...it has to be scripted.  I'm not sure who my favorite Bev Hills housewife is yet, but I'm leaning towards Camille for crazy drama and then Lisa because her accent and Joan Collins-ish persona is so fun.  Also, I must point out that some of these women do NOT even live in Beverly Hills (ahem, Kim)... The show is not called, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Adjacent).    

3.  Bruno Mars.  I love his music and I have to say that he is pretty darn sexy himself.  Such fun songs...Marry You, Count on Me, Just the Way You Are.  Love him.

I wish everyone an amazing 2011!!!
Later skaters.


  1. Saw Black Swan this past weekend - good movie! There is a lesbian sex scene in it - would that motivate Dave?
    Glad you are well. Good to see you before the holiday craziness!
    <3, Sarah

  2. Maybe you can set up a play date with Natalie after the little one comes. Her grandma lives in Hyde Park.