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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Babies Babies Everywhere

Whew!  2011 has started with a rush of celebrity pregnancy announcements!  I've already commented on Natalie Portman's baby news and the Beckham's impending arrival and now there are a few more...

Jewel and Ty Murrary are expecting their first child.   I wasn't really surprised when one of my favorite late 90's artists (saw her at Lilith Fair -- remember that concert tour?) married a real-deal cowboy and I just love that they are now having a little one.  She is the host of the upcoming Bravo reality (what else) show, Going Platinum.  I bet Jewel will be a free-spirited mama who sings her baby to sleep...ahhhh...  Congratulations Jewel and Ty!!!

Jane Krakowski and her fiance Robert Godley are expecting their first child this year.  She was photographed in the Caribbean obviously showing.  She does such am amazing job on 30 Rock and I bet she will be a good humored mommy.  I kind of wish that her pregnancy was written into the show because I can just imagine the hilarious situations that would occur...I mean, her character is currently dating her celebrity impersonator (yes, a man who dresses as Jenna).  It is genius!  Congratulations Jane and Robert!

Owen Wilson is also going to be a father in 2011 -- what?  I didn't even know he was dating anyone.  Apparently, he and Jade Duell have been dating for more than a year and are expecting their first child.  Good for him.  I would like to see him with a newborn...  Congratulations Owen (and Jade)!

There are rumors again about Khloe Kardashian being pregnant...will these rumors ever turn out to be true?  Well, I'm sure that the rumors will be true, just in time for Lamar and Khloe's spin-off reality show to air...coming this year.  At least Khloe is married and isn't with a psycho like Scott Dissick -- ahem, Kourtney.
One of my favorite comedians, Vince Vaughn, became a father at the end of 2010.  I have always thought he would be a great dad-- especially seeing him in movies like Old School (earmuffs!) and Couples Retreat where he had interactions with children.  I can see him taking parenthood in stride and really enjoying it.  He said the cutest thing to the ET Canada about new parenthood and his baby daughter -- “I’ll tell you … When Kyla and I had the first pediatrician appointment, we gotta get the car seat and put it in the back of the car. Kyla buckled up and I got in the car. And I was like, ‘We’re a family.’ We’re going to an appointment as a family. It’s just a great feeling.”  I love this quote.  I remember when we brought Cameron home from the hospital and how we realized from that moment forward that it was the three of us.  It is an amazing feeling... 

One more comment before I sign off... I saw this picture of Natalie Portman and although I cannot see the entire outfit, what is she wearing????  Please let this be a costume.  The ring is beautiful though...


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