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Friday, December 17, 2010

You're a mean one Mr. Recession...

 I have about a thousand things on my to-do list right now, with most of the items being Christmas related.  Wrapping gifts, planning menus, grocery shopping for recipes on said menus, figuring out outfits for baby to wear to holiday celebrations -- and of course, addressing and sending Christmas cards.  I admit that I am a little behind on getting these out, with less than 10 days until the big day, but give a mom a break.  Apparently everyone is a little behind on the cards because I have only received a few this year, whereas I would have had a mailbox stuffed full in years past.  I've heard that other people are experiencing the same drought of cards as well...my friend blames the economy.  Just one more thing to blame on the ol' Recession.  Neighbor didn't give out Christmas cookies this year?  Damn Recession.  Stores going nuts with coupons and bonus deals?  Recession.  Work served crappy deli trays for holiday party this year instead of cocktail shrimp and mini quiche?  Oh Recession.  Baby is sick again?  Naturally it is the Recession. 

The Recession is taking on a persona to me...I imagine it looks a lot like the Grinch who stole Christmas -- I mean, it is definitely green and has a scowl on its face.  It probably doesn't regularly wear a Santa suit (and if it does it is a hand me down), but it definitely makes you feel hopeless and cynical.  It is actually more like a cross between the Grinch who Stole Christmas and a Dementor from Harry Potter.  Scary bugger at times, but also just a huge annoyance that reminds you time and time again of the failings of our country, the losses to your investment account and the fact that you really can't count on anything.  

Even though the Recession is a big a-hole, I believe that it has caused people to dig deep and continue (or even just start) to do good things in the world.  Our church was able to raise an amazing amount of money in a fund-raising campaign that just ended at the beginning of November.  People are still donating to needy families during this holiday season and my company raised a nice chunk of money to fund efforts for helping the disabled.  The Recession has made people get creative, share and figure out alternatives...it has allowed us to re-evaluate the "wants" and the "needs."  It was a much needed kick in the pants to remember the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.

Our Christmas card (which has yet to go out) features my favorite gift this year -- Cam!  He has no clue that we are in a Recession and he reminds me everyday that I have all I "need."  A family that has not met Mr. Recession (of course it is a guy...) is the Kardashians.  I think that their card read: You may not understand why we are famous, but we wish you a Happy Holiday from atop our pile of money!  Cheers!

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