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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska = TLC's Folly?

I caved in and did it.  I watched Sarah Palin's Alaska and I didn't hate it.  In fact, I found it rather fascinating-- mainly because I didn't know much about our country's eastern most state (see I learned something from the show), but also because I still cannot make up my mind as to what I think about Sarah herself.  I know this -- I do NOT think she is Presidential material or even Vice Presidential material, but I do think she is an interesting cat.  I am a mother of one.  She is a mother of FIVE and a grandmother of one.  She impresses me with her seemingly ceaseless energy and what appears to be a never-ending positive attitude.  Plus, the scenery and wildlife is amazing -- even if she is always killing one animal or another.  TLC knows what they are doing -- just like Seward did when he acquired Alaska for the good ol' U S of A. 

This past week's episode of the show featured a TLC cross promotion bringing Kate Gosselin and her eight (yes, she still has 8 kids) to Alaska to go camping with Sarah's family.  Production genius -- someone is getting a big holiday bonus this year (take that Mr. Recession!).  I wish I could say that hilarity ensued with Kate and Sarah becoming buddies -- a regular Laverne and Shirley team -- but NO, Sarah made Kate cry like a baby out in the wild.

It went like this: Kate, a self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly and her eight cubs head on over to Sarah's house to meet the family and get some training on wilderness survival -- particularly how to avoid and/or slaughter bears.  Kate, Sarah and Willow (Sarah's middle daughter) go to a wilderness survival course where the instructor scares Kate and they all shoot guns.  Kate acts uncomfortable around the firearms, but says she would do anything to protect her kids.  The day of the camping trip it is raining and chilly.  Sarah's family goes out to the site ahead of Kate and sets up camp.  Kate and her 8 arrive by float plane and she begins whining right away.  While her children explore and play and have a grand ol' time, Kate whines, sulks and gripes about camping, the weather, cleanliness, etc.  She literally pulls a diva move and actually yells at a producer about how bitterly cold she is and how she want to leave.  Her children NEVER ask once to leave or even complain -- they having the time of their lives.  Kate then makes her children choose whether they would like to be a Gosselin or a Palin.  Frankly, given the circumstances, they should have chosen to be a Palin.  But, seriously Kate, don't your children have enough turmoil in their lives that you feel the need to make them feel guilty about having fun?  Then, the Gosselins leave and Sarah's family continues to camp and end up having a fabulous time as the weather clears.  The End.  

Kate's snotty attitude and determination not to have fun taught me a valuable lesson.  Show up for your kids.  I mean, it may not have been her idea of a red-carpet good time (I mean, she wasn't wearing her usual high heels), but her children were having a blast.  It is a once in a lifetime camping trip, in Alaska, with Sarah Palin.  Although that may be a nightmare for some people, Kate agreed to do it and she was getting paid no less.  What the french, toast?  She can't suck it up for one night in the wilderness for the sake of her kiddies?  Some Mama Grizzly.  

On the other hand, maybe TLC knew exactly what they were doing and that Kate wouldn't last more than a few hours...hmmm...genius?  We'll never know.  All I know is that I was on Team Sarah on this one -- those kids were out there having fun -- some good conservative family fun no less -- and their mother was a sour puss prima donna.      

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