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Monday, December 6, 2010

Piece of Art / Piece of Work?

Cameron has two pretty large blisters on his thumb/hand from his vigorous thumb-sucking.  I don't think they bother him because he still sucks his thumb, but I would still like to put something on them to try and keep them from cracking.  My go-to Aquaphor remedy is not the best choice in this situation as Cam would likely make a meal of it, so I went to the trusty internet for suggestions.  The best one I found was to put some Lansinoh creme on it because it can be ingested safely.  However, Cam's thumb-sucking injuries are not the topic for today.  While I was searching for remedies, I came across a very disturbing picture.

This amazingly bad and horrifyingly large tat belongs to none other than my favorite Teen Mom bad girl, Amber Portwood.  Apparently this tattoo is supposed to be a portrait of 2 year old Leah (you know, her daughter that became a ward of the state after Amber beat up baby daddy Gary on national TV).  Not only do I not see the resemblance, which is beside the point, but I would NEVER get one of these.  She would have been better off getting an airbrushed t-shirt of this "art work" and calling it a day.  Nope, now she has a massive tattoo covering most of her abdomen that she will live with for the rest of her life -- and worse, subject others to everytime she decides to don a bikini or middrift bearing shirt (hey, 90s style could come back someday). 

I am not even going to go into my thoughts on body art in general, but I do know that tattoos are expensive (despite how this one looks) and as I remember, Amber had NO money...she was getting government aid and living off various boyfriends.  Ummmm, who paid for this tattoo?  Perhaps it was a gift...that you CAN NEVER RETURN.  The only good thing about this story is that we didn't have to see a picture of Gary's abdomen tattooed with Leah's face... 

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  1. What happens when she gets knocked up again and that face stretches?!!