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Monday, December 13, 2010

Drum roll please...

Two drum roll worthy events happened this weekend -- one personal and one pop!

First --  we have a tooth!  Yep, Cam's first tooth cut through this weekend and now he has a little (sharp!) nub on his bottom left gum.  He was pretty miserable, but he still managed to smile a bunch and I am sure that the baby motrin helped keep him sane.  I can't believe how big he is getting and although it may seem silly, I am really proud of this milestone.  First tooth -- the start of a grown-up smile.  After months of waiting around, excessive drooling, whining and chomping on all things, he now has something to show for it!  Once it fully grows in, I will document the pearly white evidence and post it.

Second -- history was made when the first two woman team won season 17 of The Amazing Race!  Doctors Nat and Kat finished first in the race around the world, with a second two woman team (Brook and Claire) hot on their heels.  It was a girl power finale and I must say that I was rooting for either one of these teams to win...it was time for a two woman team to take first!  These girls (all four of them) are tough, but still managed to have fun on the race together.  It was refreshing to see that these women didn't turn on each other during the stressful competition -- unlike many of the couples teams in which the male teammate would berate or freak out on his female counterpart during a leg of the race.  These gals were polite, friendly and sweet throughout the entire race...not to say that they weren't strong -- just that they didn't come off as pushy b-words.  I was so happy to see these smart, motivated and fabulous women take the million dollar prize!  Congratulations Nat and Kat!!!! 

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