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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As Seen Elsewhere...

Best headline I saw today hands down was: Lindsay Lohan Named a Suspect in Assault Case at Rehab.  What?  The entire story (which is short) states that she is suspected of assaulting a female staffer at the rehab after coming in from the bar.  What?  I thought she was going to rehab to get away from the bar.  You know how people in jail say that it was easier to get drugs in jail than outside of jail?  No, you've never heard that?  Oh, well, I must watch too many crime movies / shows...anyway, I guess when you go to Betty Ford (under court order no less),  you can also leave Betty Ford to go to the bar.  Amazing.  I would like to know the hot spot in Rancho Mirage, CA that Lindsay is hanging out in...a desert Chateau Marmont?  Oh, and she is a "suspect"?  Were there a lot of other self-involved washed up celebs there assaulting the victim?  Well, it is Betty Ford...

Second best headline that I read today: Prince Williams Cousin Zara Phillips is Engaged.  Umm...who?  I have never ever heard of this girl and I know a tad about the Royals.  This girl is only in the American press right now because William is also engaged.  Zara Phillips?  She is Princess Anne's daughter.  She is described as a "blonde showjumper."  Now, I assume that means that she has yellow hair and she rides horses -- translation -- rich and jobless.  Now a big faux pas would be if she got married before Prince William and Kate (aka "Kills")...  Million dollar question: Does Zara and her betrothed (rugby player Mike Tindall - aka "Zike") get their own Royal wedding china pattern or will they just get a commemorative plate that you can order out of the back of the USA Today insert in the Sunday paper?  

Third best headline of the day: Lady Gaga Shops Pantless in Paris.  Seriously?  Trying out a new trend are we?  You think this should be the First Best Headline?  Yeah, you are probably right.  This chick must be on so many drugs.  Or, she cannot be out of the spotlight for ONE SINGLE MOMENT.  Scary.  No, not the implication that she is on drugs and is attention-obsessed, but the picture of her without pants on...that is scary.  Lady, what planet are you from?     

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