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Monday, November 22, 2010

SkinnyGirl on Ice?

Since Bethenny Getting Married? wrapped I have been going through a little Bethenny withdrawal.  Sad, I know, but I just found her so amusing.  Well, she is back.  This winter she is part of the cast of new season of Skating with the Stars.  Lame.  I am pretty sure that seeing her in sequins attempting to pairs skate with some ice capades retiree is not going to give me the same chuckle that her show did...although it might -- depending on the cheesiness of the competition.  Does this mean that she has ceased shooting her own series?  I certainly hope not.  I think she had some good material and I was waiting to see her as a new mom.  Skating?  Really?  

I also don't recognize most of the other competitors...which for me is saying something.  Rebecca Budig (soap star) and Vince Neal were about it.  I have NOT a clue who the other cast members are... 
Is anyone going to watch this?  I may DVR the first episode to see what it is all about. 

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