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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pop Mama's Favorite Things, Part 2

Yesterday Oprah aired her final Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things episode.  In fact it was Part 2 of her Ultimate Favorite Things.  It was BANANAS!  Not only did she give everyone an iPad (expected), but she ended the show by giving everyone a 2012 Volkswagon Beetle!  OMG! There were so many amazing gifts -- Coach bags, Le Creuset cookware, gourmet foods, clothing, etc.   Her audience was going NUTS.  I have never seen so many women crying with happiness at one time.  There was also this awesome male audience member who was TOTALLY FREAKING OUT.  He really made the show for me.  The audience members were all members of charities or groups that do good work for others, so it made you feel just a little less guilty about the blatant consumerism / materialism that was going on.  What are we going to do next year when Oprah is off the air and women's heads aren't exploding at a pair of free sequined Uggs?  What a bleak future for America...

Whenever I see the Oprah Favorite Things episodes, I am always reminded of the SNL skit with Maya Rudolph as Oprah.  The audio is weak, so turn up your computer volume if you want to really hear it.

Well, in honor of Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things, I have put together The Pop Mama's Favorite Things, Part 2.  Remember Part 1?  http://www.thepopmama.com/2010/09/pop-mamas-favorite-things-part-1.html
I wish I could give every new parent each one of these...some of these are repeats (or classics...)  Check it:

1.  Video Monitor.  This bad boy is a sleep-saver and mind-easer.  I can actually hear my baby breathe over this thing and can watch him while he scoots his little body all around his crib.  It gives me peace of mind because I can peek in at him at any time.  It has color and night-vision and it is hand held.  What else do you need? 

2.  B.O.B. Stroller (with car seat adaptor and drink holder).  http://www.thepopmama.com/2010/10/welcome-fall.html 

3.  White Noise!  I use it at night and during nap.  It works.

4.  Exersaucer.  My mom gave us this tool as an early Christmas present for Cameron.  He LOVES it!  I think if Oprah was giving one away, he would cry with joy. 

5.  Graco Snugrider Car Seat Stroller Frame.  I like this because it is lightweight and perfect for trips to the mall or restaurants.  It is about 12 pounds and I can lift it easily out of my trunk.  The car seat just snaps in and we are off.  Great basket for storing the diaper bag (or shopping bags) and comes with a drink holder.

6.  Lots and lots of cotton bibs.  Luckily these little accessories come standard with many baby outfits, so it is easy to amass a collection.  I have come to rely on these to keep Cam's outfit dry -- he is drooling like a faucet these days!

7.  Aquaphor.  You know how in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father always said, "Put some windex on it"?  Well, if you have a baby skin irritation, "Put some Aquaphor on it."  Liquid gold. 

8.  Wooden spoon.  Who needs fancy teething rings when a wooden spoon will do?  My MIL was nice enough to give us one with a short enough handle for Cam to work with and he will not let go of the thing.  I swear, I had to pry it from his chubby little hands so that we could get his 6 months pictures taken... Top Chef material?  Maybe.

9.  Laundry bags.  When taking off Cam's little socks at night, I pair them together and put them in his laundry basket.  Then, when I go to wash his clothes I put all of his sock pairs into a small delicates bag.  I also dry them in the bag.  This way, there are no lost socks -- after all, these things are teensy tiny -- oh, and my sanity stays intact too.

10.  The JJ Cole Bundle Me.  Now that the weather has turned chilly, we popped this product into his car seat and off we go.  No coat necessary.  It is a little shearling sleeping bag that you zip your baby into after strapping him into the car seat.  It is easy and eliminates the need for multiple layers and blankets that could just slip off.  I recommend this for anyone having to brave inclement weather with their bundle of joy.  http://jjcolecollections.com/original-bundleme

That finishes the list for today.  As my parenthood experience grows I am confident that I will come up with more "favorite things."  The wooden spoon won't keep him busy forever!

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