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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Fall!

Yesterday morning was gorgeous -- perfect fall weather -- high 60s, sunny, blue sky and crisp air.  I love this time of year.  Our little family took a walk to our local coffee shop and tooled around the neighborhood enjoying the season change.  There are only a few baby products that I absolutely adore and my BOB stroller is one of them.  I live in an older neighborhood with cracked, uneven sidewalks and many hills.  So, when I was shopping for a stroller to accommodate the terrain, I knew I needed more than the rinky dink version that comes with the car seat/stroller travel systems.  Doing the research we found the BOB and ordered it before Cam was even born.  We LOVE the BOB -- seriously it is the best value for the quality.  It is easy to push, sturdy, not too heavy and smooth riding (even along all of those ancient sidewalks).  We have the Revolution model and it has served us well...we had to get the car seat adapter to use until Cam is big enough to ride in the regular seat, but we use this thing all the time.

I caught up on some of my TV from last week and was HORRIFIED by Amber's behavior on Teen Mom.  Not only is this girl abusive to her baby daddy (full out punching him and trying to kick him down the stairs), but she came off as a neglecting parent as well.  First - why does baby Leah have SOOOO much crap in her crib?  Literally, it looks like they use her crib as storage and she just sleeps among all of the stuff.  My first thought was that they are lucky that she hasn't suffocated.  Anyways, I can imagine that Amber's life as a teen mom is difficult -- sure, no money, no job, no degree, no stable family support -- it cannot be easy.  However, she needs some intervention -- for Leah's sake.  I have to say, that although Gary is no prize, I respect him more every time I watch the show.  He walks away when Amber is berating and abusing him, he takes care of Leah and is attentive to her and he tries to keep his family together.

After watching Sister Wives this week and blogging about it, the show came up as the topic of conversation more than once among friends and co-workers.  The consensus was if these people are all consenting adults when they enter the marriage and there is nothing else illegal going on, then why should their family situation be considered a crime?  There is a lot more stuff going on in our world to be concerned about than a family living independently and lovingly.  They are not on public aid as far as we know and they don't hurt one another (as far as we know), so perhaps the police and prosecutor in Utah should use their time pursuing more serious crimes than bigamy.  I know that this family is flaunting their violation of the law and the state of Utah probably doesn't want to get a reputation as a polygamist haven, but seriously...who cares?  Plus, it makes good TV!

Off to enjoy the rest of my weekend with my one husband and one child.  Peace.

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  1. I love fall too! I don't have a BOB but I do have a Graco travel system and I'll tell you, it doesn't cut it on rough terrain. I love my jogging stroller to take walks around the park. Do they make a 2 seater BOB? :-) Enjoy your walks.