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Friday, October 22, 2010

I laughed, I cried...

Last night I watched the 2 hr. Teen Mom Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew.  My emotions ran the full gamut -- including getting teary for Catelynn and Tyler and laughing inappropriately at Amber.  First, I would like to adopt Catelynn and Tyler.  Yes, I know that they are technically of adult age, but I would like to adopt them and send them to college (or at least help them get scholarships) and give them the opportunities that they currently have to struggle and fight for.  I love these two.  I am thoroughly impressed with their emotional maturity and their kindness (towards each other and people in general).  When the home video of Carly taking her first steps came on and we saw that Catelynn and Tyler were present for it, I got teary.  When Tyler told April (Catelynn's crazy pants mom) that she deserved more love and deserved better in her life, my heart broke.  These two kids are amazing.

On the other end of the spectrum sits Amber and Gary.  Hot mess.  Amber's behavior this season was atrocious.  She physically and verbally abused Baby Daddy Gary, seemingly neglected her daughter Leah, and took up with some shade ball guy that she met at WalMart.  Dr. Drew made a point to show the violent behavior on tape several times during the TV special, which reduced Amber to "tears."  I would love to believe that Amber is truly sorry for her actions and wants to improve, but throughout the season I always felt like she was "acting" for the cameras.  She has a way of turning on the tears after she finishes behaving badly.  I'm just not buying it.  All I have to say is: Gary, WALK AWAY.  Not from Leah, but from Amber.  Dr. Drew told you both that it would take some hard core couples counseling over a very very long period of time to fix the relationship -- is it worth it? 

As much of a sad train wreck that it is, I couldn't help but laugh inappropriately several times during their segment as I watched Amber unsuccessfully try to throw Gary's TV down the stairs (a la Precious style) and  when Dr. Drew asked Gary how he felt after Amber abused him and he said hurt as she was saying "embarrassed."  Classic.  Domestic violence of any kind is unacceptable.  This family needs some serious help and I hear they are getting it in the form of an investigation by Indiana Child Protective Services.  I feel for Leah, but it seems that Gary has her best interests at heart and will hopefully do the right thing for his daughter.

Maci and Farrah seem to be trucking along in life and doing better than before.  Maci is still in Nashville and back with Kyle.  Ryan (her ex and Bentley's daddy) showed up and was entertainingly clueless.  Dr. Drew interviewed Farrah and her mother (which I fast forwarded through because Farrah's mom irks me).  I assume that he covered her domestic violence charges, Farrah's grieving, yada yada yada.  If anyone has any other info on that segment, please fill me in.  I just didn't have the extra 15 minutes to kill...had bottles to wash, a shower to take and laundry to fold.

All in all it was a fantastic season of Teen Mom.  Now, a whole new season of 16 and Pregnant is beginning, but I am going to abstain (ha!) from recording it.  I just can't get invested in a whole new crew of prego teens.  I have enough prego 30 somethings to keep up with in my own life!

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